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Shell Lake Has 7 Attorneys With 2 Reviews

Mary Ann Hook Swan

Hook Swan, LLC
700 East Lake, Shell Lake, WI
1 review
Licensed for 32 years
Review: She was very nice and patient and always early for my case she was right on top of everything if u need a good lawyer i reccomend her to the fullest

David Leroy Coon

Attorney near Shell Lake (Pewaukee)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 31 years


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Christian Justin Ness

Washburn County District Attorneys Office
10 Fourth Ave, Po Box 344, Shell Lake, WI
1 review
Licensed for 6 years
Review: Awful attorney. Do not allow the court to appoint you this man. He advised that I waive my preliminary hearing, which I knew nothing of what that meant, only finding out later that I involuntarily and unknowingly admitted to having some involvemen...

Eugene D. Harrington

Washburn County Clerk of Circuit Court
10 4th Ave, Po Box 339, Shell Lake, WI
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 45 years

Aaron Bruce Marcoux

Washburn County District Attorney
10 4th Avenue, Shell Lake, WI
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 13 years

Angeline E. Winton

Washburn County Circuit Court
10 4th Ave W, Po Box 458, Shell Lake, WI
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 15 years

Kourtney Klassa

15 5th Ave, PO BOX 319, Shell Lake, WI
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 5.9
Licensed for 5 years

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