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Quilcene Has 2 Attorneys With 0 Reviews

Marcia Synnestvedt Kelbon

273 River Ridge Road, Quilcene, WA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 33 years

Angela Chesney

191 Donald Rd, Quilcene, WA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 2 years


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We weren't able to find many lawyers in Quilcene. Here are a few others from neighboring areas.

Rosemary B. Schurman

Attorney near Quilcene (Port Ludlow)
12 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.8
Licensed for 42 years
Review: My attorney, Rosemary Schurman, wrote a brief that worked to overturn a decision and won my case. I had all but given up because it was so complicated. She was able to point out all of the key reasons I should win my case in a very organized and s...

Phillip Arbuthnot Johnson

Attorney near Quilcene (Wenatchee)
1 review
Licensed for 48 years
Review: I have relied on the sage, competent counsel of Phillip Johnson for many years and I find him to be a true professional.

J. Robert Leach

Attorney near Quilcene (Everett)
1 review
Licensed for 47 years
Review: Leach was hired to represent me in a real estate litigation. After 5 years, Leach was appointed to a judge position and was unable to continue working on the case. To make matters worse, in that 5 year time period Leach never prepared the case f...

J Michael Philips

Attorney near Quilcene (Port Ludlow)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 29 years

Amanda Marie Wilson

Attorney near Quilcene (Port Ludlow)
2 reviews
Licensed for 16 years
Review: She on more than one occasion failed to use evidence that could've helped my case and even started siding and working with my ex fiancée lawyer against me despite the outcome refuting what she said was going to happen. Much better lawyers out the...

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