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Brewster Has 1 Attorney With 1 Review

Lainie D Hammond

P.O. Box 1392, Brewster, WA
1 review Avvo Rating: 7.8
Licensed for 24 years
Lainie Hammond is your counsel in the IOLTA business. Her practice focuses on helping lawyers meet their obligations under RPC 1.15A and 1.15B, as well as representing those facing grievances and trust account overdrafts. Formerly, she worked as t...


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We weren't able to find many lawyers in Brewster. Here are a few others from neighboring areas.

Alexander Harris Solon Thomason

Attorney near Brewster (Pateros)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 19 years
I believe there are many ways to solve my clients legal problemsefficiently and cost-effectively. My toolbox includes: farmer (apple), CFO (film co.), business development (internet co.), criminal prosecutor (King Co.), archeologist (Israel), worl...
Practice area 70% Lawsuits & Disputes, 20% Agriculture, 10% Wrongful Death
License WA, Active since 2005

Michael Thomas Zoretic

Attorney near Brewster (Pateros)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.9
Licensed for 32 years
My practice focuses on commercial and real estate-related litigation, with a special emphasis on construction law. My basic philosophy in all of my cases is Strategic Thinking -- finding innovative and carefully tailored plans that are intended to...

Katherine Maria Jourdan

Attorney near Brewster (Pateros)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 3 years

Thomas Scott Miller Jr

Attorney near Brewster (Pateros)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 8 years

Kailey Nicole Lieuallen

Attorney near Brewster (Pateros)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed less than a year

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