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Lamesa Has 7 Attorneys With 5 Reviews

Philip Mack Furlow

Philip Mack Furlow, P.C.
511 S. 1st Street, Lamesa, TX
5 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.1
Licensed for 29 years
Philip Mack Furlow helps families with property, businesses and children peacefully work through the divorce process in a way that promotes peace. Philip Mack also helps land and mineral owners develop and protect their property in a way that prom...

Tomi Rachel Matthews

Attorney near Lamesa (Huntsville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 43 years


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Reed Anthony Filley

106th Judicial District
400 S 1st St, Lamesa, TX
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 22 years

Russell Wayne Casselberry

Fulbright & Casselberry
211 N Houston Ave, Lamesa, TX
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 44 years

Garrett Blake Ferguson

Ferguson Law Firm, P.C.
612 S 1st St, Lamesa, TX
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 13 years

Steven Boyd Payson

2201 S 5th St, Lamesa, TX
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 42 years

Orion Hutchin

Ferguson Law Firm PC
612 S 1st St, Lamesa, TX
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 3 years

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