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South Fulton Has 2 Attorneys With 8 Reviews

John Bell Whitesell

Whitesell Law Offices - Serving TN and KY
104 Nelson Tripp Place, PO BOX 1108, Fulton, KY
8 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.9
Licensed for 36 years
Whitesell Law Offices provides our clients with counsel and respectful service throughout their Social Security Disability claim. Whether you're struggling with a claim or you have a question about your rights, we're ready to help. Attorney John B...

Allison S Whitledge

Attorney near South Fulton (Martin)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 20 years


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Kent Farrell Gearin

Attorney near South Fulton (Martin)
2 reviews
Licensed for 35 years
Review: Mr.Gear in is awesome ,he showed the judge what an awful person my x was ,he got to the truth and brought my child home

Kirk Langley Moore

Attorney near South Fulton (Martin)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 22 years

Langdon S. Unger Jr.

Attorney near South Fulton (Martin)
1 review
Licensed for 41 years
Review: He was my attorney in a child custody case he recommended I step down and allow my parents to fight for custody due to their bring more stable. He failed to know a new law had been passed in Tennessee called the grandparents law which states if a ...

Rebecca Prince Biehslich

Attorney near South Fulton (Martin)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 26 years

John Walton West

Attorney near South Fulton (Martin)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 59 years

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