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Moscow Has 8 Attorneys With 3 Reviews

Scott Wade Polzin

725 Churchill Downs Loop, Moscow, TN
1 review
Licensed for 5 years
Review: This is a relatively new lawyer who thinks he knows everything situation. He has a lot to learn and has very little experience. He is older and new so that is misleading. When you look at him you would think he is seasoned but he is not. Ju...

Angela L. Jenkins-Hines

12145 Yager Drive, Moscow, TN
Not yet reviewed Attention
Licensed for 25 years


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The Avvo Rating explained


The Avvo Rating explained

Ivan D Harris Jr.

Attorney near Moscow (Rossville)
1 review
Licensed for 37 years
Review: I hired "Dave" to handle my divorce. It wasnt easy for me as many of these are but Dave stood by me through the entire process. This allowed me feel very confident in the court room. Our outcome was very fair and predictable. He was also very flex...

Deana Lee Latimore

Attorney near Moscow (Oakland)
1 review
Licensed for 19 years
Review: this is my mother and i love her so i will give her the highest ratingudsafuyasiufygauiygfiuaygfiuyagsdfuygsdufgaskjhfgajshdgfkajhgfkjhgdfkjahgdfjhagsdfjhasgdfjhagsdfkjhgasdfkhjgasdkhjgfaksjhdgfkajhdsgfkajhsdgfkjahsdgfkajhsdgfajhsgdfjkahgdfjkhagdf...

Nicole Anne Marie Huber

Attorney near Moscow (Memphis)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 15 years

Jeffrey R Worley

Attorney near Moscow (Raleigh)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 22 years

Frederick Hiram Godwin

Attorney near Moscow (Rossville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 39 years

Austyn Lee Stevenson

Attorney near Moscow (Oakland)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 3 years
Holly Springs
Mount Pleasant
Olive Branch
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