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Whitehall Has 3 Attorneys With 2 Reviews

Allen Curtis Read

Allen C. Read, Esq.
1689 County Route 11, Whitehall, NY
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 44 years
Review: Hello I'm getting in contact with you to find out if my husband as a case he has been injury at a jail site he's in

Bruce B. Kastor

9137 State Route 4, Whitehall, NY
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 42 years


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Phyllis R McCoy-Jacien

Law Office of Phyllis R. Mccoy-Jacien, PC
167 Broadway, Po Box 300, Whitehall, NY
1 review Attention
Licensed for 34 years
Review: Attny McCoy-Jacien took my parents money for a change to a will but then never sent the notarized copy to me. She refused to return calls or pick up her phone. Very poor professional behavior.

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Brian K. Marthage

Attorney near Whitehall (Poultney)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 29 years

Richard L. Hill

Attorney near Whitehall (Middle Granville)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 39 years

Francis G. Conrad

Attorney near Whitehall (Huletts Landing)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 46 years

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