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Labadie Has 12 Attorneys With 13 Reviews

Bradley S. Dede

Open for Business Open for business

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Attorney near Labadie (Gray's Summit)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.7
Licensed for 37 years
30+ years of trial experience in state and federal court.
Practice area 50% Criminal Defense, 30% DUI & DWI, 10% Personal Injury and more
Cost Free Consultation Some lawyers offer a free consultation to help determine whether their services are right for your legal needs 60 minutes
License MO, Active since 1987

Kenton Neal Fedde

Attorney near Labadie (Wildwood)
1 review Avvo Rating: 7.7
Licensed for 21 years
Review: I have worked with Kenton on a number of projects over the years and he has been one of the most knowledgeable and highly efficient attorneys with whom I have worked. U. Chicago educated and trained at Washington University and St. Louis Universit...


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Melvin G. Franke

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
3 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.5
Licensed for 51 years
We have over 30 years of experience in handling personal injury claims, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, and other cases involving bodily injury. We handle all work-related injury claims and have consi...

Gerald Joseph Harvath

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
1 review Attention
Licensed for 50 years
Review: Gerry Harvath is an excellent lawyer that I have known since he got to of law school several years ago. I have seen him Handel Al types of legal business that one might need from tickets to criminal &civil law. His rates are reasonable and keeps y...

Nicholas John Chlebowski

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
5 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.4
Licensed for 17 years
PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS. SERVING YOUR NEEDS. No matter what your type of challenge you are facing or what type of goals you want to reach, Chlebowski Law LLC is there to help you. Attorney at law, Nicholas J Chlebowski is there to stand with you...

John Edward Counts

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
1 review
Licensed for 36 years
Review: John Counts had two years to prepare for this trial. He left everything until the month of the trial and then did not use evidence he said he had gotten for the defense. He balked at my suggestion of meeting him at his office. Payments were made t...

Jason Lee Ross

Attorney near Labadie (Saint Louis)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 25 years

Erik James Kientzy

Attorney near Labadie (Wildwood)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 20 years

Stewart W. Smith Jr.

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 65 years

Stephen Todd Bee

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 29 years

Robert P. Willenbrink

Attorney near Labadie (Augusta)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 68 years

Mikal John Soltys

Attorney near Labadie (Pacific)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.1
Licensed for 9 years

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