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Lanse Has 5 Attorneys with 1 Review

Baraga County Probate Court
16 N 3rd St, Baraga County Probate Judge, Lanse, MI
Licensed for 40 years
Practice Areas:  General Practice, Probate, Business
Baraga County Prosecuting Attorney
12 N 3rd St, Lanse, MI
Licensed for 34 years
Practice Areas:  Government, Native Peoples Law


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The Avvo Rating explained


The Avvo Rating explained

Not yet reviewedReview Kevin
Attorney near Lanse (Baraga)
Licensed for 21 years
Practice Areas:  Government, Native Peoples Law, Cannabis Law and more
Not yet reviewedReview Paul
Attorney near Lanse (Baraga)
Licensed for 5 years
Practice Areas:  Native Peoples Law, Cannabis Law
Atlantic Mine
Dollar Bay
Lake Linden
South Range
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