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Oreana Has 10 Attorneys with 12 Reviews

Gregory David Fombelle

Attorney near Oreana (Forsyth)
10 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.1
Licensed for 32 years
Greg Fombelle is a dedicated DUI lawyer. He limits his practice to DUI defense and criminal defense only. In DUI defense, his unique trial tactics resulted in a ten-year winning streak in DUI jury trials. His extensive knowledge of scientific and ...

William Ernest Hourigan

Attorney near Oreana (Decatur)
1 review Attention
Licensed for 49 years
Review: Mr. Horrigan has been working my case for years now. He is very informative and cuts right to the chase. He makes sure you are prepared even if it is for the long haul!


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The Avvo Rating explained

Steven Joseph Murawski

Attorney near Oreana (Oak Brook)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 26 years

Charles Alan Demirjian

Attorney near Oreana (Decatur)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 33 years

Andrew Francis Nilles

Attorney near Oreana (Decatur)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 23 years

William Barrett Miller

Attorney near Oreana (Oakley)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 34 years

Stephen Perry Clevenger

Attorney near Oreana (Decatur)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 11 years

Mary Elizabeth Bolton

Attorney near Oreana (Forsyth)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 38 years

Maya Fombelle

Attorney near Oreana (Forsyth)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 32 years

Charles A. Lukis

Attorney near Oreana (Forsyth)
1 review Avvo Rating: 3.4 Attention
Licensed for 17 years
Review: Mr Lukis is extremely pleasant and professional not to mention thorough in explaining options we sometimes find ourselves dealing with things we never thought we would in life and find you're in a predicament and need an attorney that in itself is...
Mt Zion
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