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Estate Planning
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Eldorado Has 4 Attorneys With 0 Reviews

Thomas Richard Murphy Jr.

Law Office of Watson & Murphy
Po Box 59, Eldorado, IL
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 48 years

Gloria Celesia Tison

Legence Bank
1200 Us Highway 45 N, Eldorado, IL
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 33 years


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Carlin Martell Watson Jr.

Watson & Murphy
Po Box 59, 1312 Jackson St, Eldorado, IL
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 50 years

Keegan Patric Dennis

Watson & Murphy
1312 Jackson St, Eldorado, IL
Not yet reviewed
Licensed less than a year

We weren't able to find many lawyers in Eldorado. Here are a few others from neighboring areas.

Douglas E. Hines

Attorney near Eldorado (Harrisburg)
1 review
Licensed for 31 years
Review: Mr. Hines firm was very helpful in processing and obtaining Illinois documents for our Arizona client. He was very knowledgeable regarding the steps necessary to achieve our goal of transferring our client's Illinois property into their Arizona Tr...

Allen David Roe

Attorney near Eldorado (Harrisburg)
3 reviews
Licensed for 19 years
Review: Allen Roe is THE VWRY BEST LAWYER IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS!He is very reasonable priced and he is just fantastic!!!!!!If you need an attorney please give him a call!He is GREAT AT WHAT HE DOES!!!!!

Richard Gillum Ferguson Jr.

Attorney near Eldorado (Muddy)
2 reviews
Licensed for 46 years
Review: I am a retired IRS Special Agent and currently a college accounting professor. Gillum was the Asst. US Attorney who prosecuted a case which I had developed, Investigated, and testified during the trial. I worked closely with him for over a year. H...

Michal Doerge

Attorney near Eldorado (Harrisburg)
1 review
Licensed for 39 years
Review: He helped me win my case, but it has been the lack of communication that I have found to be really concerning. I have often been left in the dark about things. He has rarely followed up on things that he said that he was going to do. After I had w...

Kelly Ray Phelps

Attorney near Eldorado (Harrisburg)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 28 years

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