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Norman Park Has 1 Attorney With 0 Reviews

Gilbert Keith Murphy

185 E Broad, Norman Park, GA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 49 years


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We weren't able to find many lawyers in Norman Park. Here are a few others from neighboring areas.

Jon Vincent Forehand

Attorney near Norman Park (Moultrie)
72 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 33 years
My practice is concentrated primarily in criminal defense and dispute resolution. I particularly enjoy serving as an arbitrator and mediator to help other lawyers resolve their clients' matters.

Clifford Marvin Kirbo

Attorney near Norman Park (Moultrie)
1 review Avvo Rating: 8.5
Licensed for 23 years
Treating each of our clients with the care and concern they deserve.
Practice area 50% Personal Injury, 20% Real Estate, 15% Social Security and more
License GA, Active since 2000

W. Orson Woodall

Attorney near Norman Park (Moultrie)
12 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.2
Licensed for 32 years
Orson Woodall, owner and founder Woodall and Woodall, is a 25 year veteran attorney helping Georgians break free of the stress and difficulty of overwhelming debt through bankruptcy. He entered the field of law only after an earlier career followi...

Shelba Dawn Sellers

Attorney near Norman Park (Moultrie)
7 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.2
Licensed for 32 years
Review: Shelba assisted me during one of the worst periods of my life whereas I was in a financial catastrophe with a failing marriage and baby on the way. Most people think that bankruptcy is the end of the world, but Shelba helped me with a new beginning.

Robert D. Howell

Attorney near Norman Park (Moultrie)
1 review Avvo Rating: 8.8
Licensed for 25 years
Review: Rob has been brilliant thus far in handling my estate case. I've been his client for a couple of months and he has been the most professional and seems more ethical than any other attorney I've dealt with in the past. He hasn't pushed me into doin...

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