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Montrose, CO Lawyers

Explore a selection of 81 lawyers in Montrose, all of whom have catered to clients facing similar circumstances. Avvo empowers users to make well-informed hiring decisions by providing comprehensive ratings and reviews from past clients in similar legal situations.
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Montrose has 81 Attorneys with 41 Reviews

  • headshot

    Cody James Knifer

    Knifer Law, LLC
    140 Palomino Trail, Unit K, Montrose, CO
    20 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.1 
    Licensed for 7 years
    Review: Cody was extremely helpful in my case. It was a relief having Cody's guidance on legal matters!
  • Brian Kidnay

    Mathis, Martin & Kidnay
    121 North Park Ave., Suite #1, P.O. BOX 1487, Montrose, CO
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Review: “Brian Kidnay and his group are in my opinion the best legal services group in the Montrose area. They are extremely knowledgeable on all areas of legal precedent and very easy to work with.”
  • Amy Kathleen Ondos

    Weaver & Fitzhugh
    335 S. 5th Street, P.O. Box 848, Montrose, CO
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Review: “Amy handled my divorce case involving domestic violence. She navigated me through this difficult time and always got back to me in a timely manner when I had questions. I appreciated that she did not try to run up my bill...
  • headshot

    Carol Ann Viner

    Viner Law
    1104 S Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO
    1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.7 
    Licensed for 21 years
    Review: Carol responded to my case immediately and was always accessible no matter her demanding schedule. She is very astute at Real Estate contracts and also a very effective negotiator. I was confronted with an aggressive advisory and she was my unfail...
  • headshot

    Daniel Joseph Lowenberg

    Fleming & Lowenberg
    144 S. Uncompahgre Ave., Montrose, CO
    3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.4 
    Licensed for 18 years
    In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of substance, stand like a rock. - Thomas Jefferson
  • John James England

    England Law PC
    Po Box 1963, Montrose, CO
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Review: “John accompanied me to a grueling 4 hour deposition with my ex husbands divorce attorney. I felt very confidant in his ability to protect my rights, and was a supportive and kind presence to have by my side during an oth...
  • Patrick W. Crane

    Office of The Colorado State Public Defender
    100 Tessitore Ct Unit G, Montrose, CO
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Review: “Patrick treated me with respect, and had the decency to show sincere dissappointment for not getting a better deal. I'd say 2 years on my fourth felony was pretty good Patrick, that's why I requested him a second ...
  • Kristen Judith Sneider Hindman

    Kjs Hindman Law LLC
    Po Box 1148, Montrose, CO
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Review: “She is an amazing woman and attorney who will fight for you in almost every way possible. She did awesome by me and I'm curious as to how heavy her case load has gotten with me handing her number out to anyone and ev...
  • Brent A. Martin

    Mathis, Martin & Kidnay
    121 North Park Ave., Suite #1, P.O. BOX 1487, Montrose, CO
    4.0 stars 4 reviews
    Review: “Brent Was very understanding, was able to get my case reduced. He was very knowledgeable and didn't lie and was strait forward. i would recommend him to anyone that needs a Criminal Defense lawyer.”
  • Barbra J. Remmenga

    Barbra J. Remmenga P.C.
    Po Box 3033, Montrose, CO
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Review: “I used Barb about 25 years ago on a child custody case. She had just started her practice but was very diligent and professional in handling my case and getting me sole custody of my daughter . Back then it was really unh...
  • Keri Ann Yoder

    7th Judicial District
    1200 N Grand Ave, Bin A, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
  • headshot

    Mindi L. Conerly Millican

    Conerly, Callahan & Lange, LLC
    333 South Townsend Avenue, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 7.7 
    Licensed for 21 years
  • Harvey Marc Palefsky

    Harvey Palefsky Law
    3410 Williams Dr Ste 157, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
  • Rodney Earl Fitzhugh

    Weaver Fitzhugh PC
    330 S 5th St, Montrose, CO
    1.0 star 1 review
  • Teresa S. Williams

    Teresa S Williams Attorney At Law
    2028 Otter Pond Cir, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
  • Seth David Ryan

    Office of The District Attorney 7th Judicial
    1140 N Grand Ave Ste 200, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
  • Harvey Lawrence Kramer

    Kramer Law LLC
    3410 Williams Dr Ste 420 419, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
  • Louis Leonard Galvis

    Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel, LLC
    65010 Solar Rd, Montrose, CO
    Not yet reviewed
  • Ryan F. Callahan

    Conerly Callahan LLC
    1104 S Cascade Ave, Montrose, CO
    3.0 stars 2 reviews
    Review: “Ryan did an excellent job reviewing my business scenario and making solid legal advice without breaking the bank.”

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