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Davenport, CA Lawyers

Explore a selection of 2 lawyers in Davenport, all of whom have catered to clients facing similar circumstances. Avvo empowers users to make well-informed hiring decisions by providing comprehensive ratings and reviews from past clients in similar legal situations.
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Davenport has 2 Attorneys with 0 Reviews

  • headshot

    Sheri Lynn Damon

    Damon Law Offices
    618 Swanton Road, Davenport, CA
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 8.1 
    Licensed for 30 years
  • Elaine Susan Young

    Po Box 252, Davenport, CA
    Not yet reviewed
  • We weren't able to find many lawyers in Davenport. Here are a few others from neighboring areas.


    Shelby L Clark

    Attorney near Davenport (Boulder Creek)
    19 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.8 
    Licensed for 24 years
    Shelby Clark first came to Santa Cruz County in 1986, and has never since been able to stay away. Born in Virginia and growing up mostly there and in Connecticut, he graduated from Wooster School in Danbury, CT, and Pomona College in Claremont, CA...
  • headshot

    Margaret Mary Law

    Attorney near Davenport (Felton)
    2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.0 
    Licensed for 21 years
    Review: I had Maggie as my defense attorney in 2006. I was being railroaded by people, who worked with my EX, I was beat up but put on trial! Because they and my EX were bad mouthing me harassing me, trying to make it my fault. I was told to take a plea, ...
  • Koorosh Afshari

    Attorney near Davenport (Ben Lomond)
    1.0 star 1 review
  • headshot

    Michelle Diana Smith

    Attorney near Davenport (Felton)
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 7.3 
    Licensed for 19 years
  • Julie Ann Dunger

    Attorney near Davenport (Ben Lomond)
    Not yet reviewed

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831-786-7200Court Website | Get Directions

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