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29 Palms Has 8 Attorneys With 1 Review

Alina Landver

Landver Law Corporation, APC
78201 Amboy Road, 29 Palms, CA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 8.7
Licensed for 20 years
Having worked for over a decade in the legal field, Alina Landver has both vigorously represented corporate clients in transactional matters and litigated cases in both State and Federal Court. Ms. Landver is a frequent speaker for continuing lega...

Cole W. Clark

Mcagcc, 29 Palms, CA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 3 years


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Jyoti Jay Jennings Roth

Attorney near 29 Palms (Twentynin Plm)
1 review Avvo Rating: 5.9
Licensed for 6 years
I am a solo attorney, currently running my own a virtual law office. In case you are trying to sound it out, my first name is pronounced “Joy-tee,” a Sanskrit word. I very happily call the Mojave Desert of Southern California home of nearly 20 yea...

Joseph Jerome Walsh

Attorney near 29 Palms (Twentynine Palms)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 18 years

Aaron Ray Boyd

Attorney near 29 Palms (Twentynin Plm)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 34 years

Andrew Zhu Lei

Attorney near 29 Palms (Twentynin Plm)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 21 years

Victoria Isabel Ikerd-Schreiter

Attorney near 29 Palms (Twentynin Plm)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 15 years

David Alan Hancock

Attorney near 29 Palms (Twentynin Plm)
Not yet reviewed Attention
Licensed for 11 years

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