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  1. 33762 Military Law Attorney John Vincent Tucker

    John Tucker

    Saint Petersburg, FL Military Law Attorney
    Licensed for 23 years


  2. 33762 Military Law Attorney Nicholas Gabriel DeRenzo

    Nicholas DeRenzo

    Clearwater, FL Military Law Attorney
    Licensed for 4 years
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Military Law

Military law attorneys have experience with The Uniform Code of Military Justice, which is the law that applies to members of the armed forces. These lawyers are often called “JAGs” or Judge Advocate Generals. Military law attorneys prosecute or defend troops court-martialed in cases of discipline or disobedience of a lawful command. For example, if you are an army private and refuse an order, a military trial would be held, with one military law attorney representing the Army (and aiming to prove the disobedience charge), and another military law attorney defending you.