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Reviewed several attorneys in his field and in the Charlotte area. Based on the evaluations, I recommended... more
Charlotte  Richard Lee Anderson

Richard Anderson

Charlotte, NC Car Accidents
Avvo rating 7.0
The best part of working with Lisa is she listened to our concerns, absorbed it, and allowed us to help in... more
Charlotte  Lisa G. Godfrey

Lisa Godfrey

Charlotte, NC Construction & Development
Avvo rating 8.4
Received a speeding violation that originally was planning to contest or plead for lesser charges on my own.... more
Charlotte  Jennifer K Dixon

Jennifer Dixon

Charlotte, NC Family
Avvo rating 7.7
Mr. Gilles took on my case right after I had gotten a previous case dismissed. Since the offenses were so... more
Charlotte  Gael Gilles

Gael Gilles

Charlotte, NC Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.0
Heather is very organized, clearly explains the legal process and communicates frequently. She also has a... more
Charlotte  Heather W. Culp

Heather Culp

Charlotte, NC Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr. Weaver proved an excellent and capable attorney. He handled my Cabarrus County speeding ticket quickly,... more
Charlotte  Matthew Bennett Weaver

Matthew Weaver

Charlotte, NC Speeding & Traffic Ticket
Avvo rating 7.4
Mr. Pardo was a superb attorney, we would highly recommend him for anyone seeking assistance in applying for... more
Charlotte  Jorge Ivan Pardo

Jorge Pardo

Charlotte, NC Immigration
Avvo rating 7.4
he was the first lawyer I've used in Charlotte and had a felony charge dropped and dismissed even with missed... more
Charlotte  Michael John Stading

Michael Stading

Charlotte, NC DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 9.5


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In 1799, a boy named Conrad Reed found a 17-pound rock in a creek bed in nearby Cabarrus County. His family used it as a doorstop for three years until a jeweler discovered that the rock was actually a gold nugget.

Quartz veins containing yet more gold were soon found beneath the Reed farm, and the first gold rush in U.S. history began. Charlotte was soon transformed from a small village into a regional financial center.

While the gold mining in Charlotte eventually slowed, the city remains a financial center to this day.

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