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  1. 11797 Copyright Infringement Attorney Michael J. Musella

    Michael Musella

    Woodbury, NY Copyright Infringement Attorney
    Licensed for 20 years
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  2. 11797 Copyright Infringement Attorney Gerald Thomas Bodner

    Gerald Bodner

    Melville, NY Copyright Infringement Attorney
    Licensed for 33 years
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Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement laws deal with the theft of unique creative work. If, for example, you are browsing the Internet and find yourself looking at your own website design on someone else's website, you could benefit from the services of a copyright infringement lawyer. Other examples of copyright infringement include illegal downloading of music or video files, recording and distributing a film before its DVD release, and plagiarizing text from print or online articles. Copyright infringement attorneys know which options and procedures will get the desired outcome for your case (whether it's removing the website, destroying copies of the copyrighted content, or compensating you for money the infringer earned from your copyrighted materials). Copyright infringement attorneys can also defend your use if someone claims you have unjustly used their copyrighted materials.