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When I received VC22348b everyone said that's it. Nothing can be done. I will have to accept the fine and the... more
Bakersfield  Mark Jarrod Bigger

Mark Bigger

Bakersfield, CA Speeding & Traffic Ticket
Avvo rating 9.4
I would like to be giving a good review but .... Didn't even attend my first court date. He sent someone... more
Bakersfield  Gerald Hamilton Oldfield

Gerald Oldfield

Bakersfield, CA Estate Planning
Avvo rating 6.5
My wife retained the services of Matthew Ruff to represent her in a tough DUI case. Her situation was... more
Bakersfield  Matthew J Ruff

Matthew Ruff

Bakersfield, CA DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 10.0
I was very pleased with the help and service I received from Daniel Ojeda and Mr. Reeves. I had over 20k in... more
Bakersfield  Daniel Ojeda

Daniel Ojeda

Bakersfield, CA Personal Injury
Avvo rating 7.1
I was so nervous going in to file bankruptcy, and so embarrassed that I was there, but Niel and Valerie, were... more
Bakersfield  Neil Evan Schwartz

Neil Schwartz

Bakersfield, CA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 7.6
I was charged with several violent felonies after I was attacked outside of a bar. A group of bar locals... more
Bakersfield  Jared M Thompson

Jared Thompson

Bakersfield, CA Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.9
I approached Mr. Falk to handle my case that should've taken only a month or so, and lasted 6 months because... more
Bakersfield  Gregory Peter Falk

Gregory Falk

Bakersfield, CA Child Custody
Avvo rating 3.9
I was very pleased with the hard work of Daniel Ojeda and The Reeves Law Group. My son was in an accident... more
Bakersfield  Daniel Ojeda

Daniel Ojeda

Bakersfield, CA Personal Injury
Avvo rating 7.1


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If you travel or live in Bakersfield, you will find that while agriculture is a mainstay of the economy, oil is even greater. Bakersfield is responsible for 10% of the United States' oil supply and 1% of the world’s oil production. The town discovered an oil field in 1899, and Bakersfield became a boomtown immediately.

The by-product of steam in the Kern County oil fields is cogeneration, which makes electricity that helps power Kern and Los Angeles counties.

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