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I recommend to David Lee as the best lawyer in Minnesota and anywhere in the USA. Lawyer David Wilson is a... more
Minneapolis  David Lee Wilson

David Wilson

Minneapolis, MN Immigration
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Mr. Shane is a lawyer that will fight for you. He'll be on your side and defend you. A true defense lawyer.... more
Minneapolis  Robert J Shane

Robert Shane

Minneapolis, MN Criminal Defense
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I reside in San Diego, California. I called Rebecca regarding a real estate issue I was having with my... more
Minneapolis  Rebecca Jean Heltzer

Rebecca Heltzer

Minneapolis, MN Litigation
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I found myself in a bind, not sure what would happen or where to turn I was referred by a friend and client... more
Minneapolis  Daniel Charles Guerrero

Daniel Guerrero

Minneapolis, MN Criminal Defense
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Finding Mike when we were in need of serious financial help was an answered prayer. His balance of... more
Minneapolis  Michael Kenneth Hoverson

Michael Hoverson

Minneapolis, MN Bankruptcy & Debt
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Jill has assisted me through my divorce which also included custody and child support. My case was pretty... more
Minneapolis  Jill Kneip Meyer

Jill Meyer

Minneapolis, MN Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating 9.3
David is very knowledgeable and was came highly recommended by a client of mine. I am so impressed with his... more
Minneapolis  David Izek

David Izek

Minneapolis, MN Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating 6.5
He absolutely destroyed the bottom feeding filth that were coming after my business. He is a relentless... more
Minneapolis  Troy Allen Van Beek

Troy Van Beek

Minneapolis, MN Lawyer
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Minneapolis contains the only major waterfall on the Mississippi River. Saint Anthony Falls provided the hydro-power for the growing city’s lumber and flour mills, transforming the former riverfront settlement into the world leader of flour production.

In 1934, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters voted to strike against Minneapolis trucking companies. Amidst much violence, the employers and the union eventually agreed on a contract that recognized the union, reinstated the strikers, and provided seniority and non-discrimination clauses.

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