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My case was very complicated one because my I-140 was denied 2 times and my 6 years H1-B was expired almost a... more
San Francisco  Arit D Butani

Arit Butani

San Francisco, CA Immigration
Avvo rating 6.1
I hired Jack Wing Lee because an acquaintance recommended him. His job was to represent me at a employment... more
San Francisco  Jack Wing Lee

Jack Lee

San Francisco, CA Employment & Labor
Avvo rating 6.7
Rosha provided excellent counsel and walked me through a very difficult decision making process. As a... more
San Francisco  Rosha Jones

Rosha Jones

San Francisco, CA Employment & Labor
Avvo rating 8.0
After retiring from being a State lawyer, when I opened up my small custom corset and wedding dress business... more
San Francisco  Stephen James Camber

Stephen Camber

San Francisco, CA Real Estate
Avvo rating 8.3
Arkady reviewed my case and I found him to be immensely knowledgeable and helpful. He was extremely honest... more
San Francisco  Arkady Igor Itkin

Arkady Itkin

San Francisco, CA Employment & Labor
Avvo rating 9.3
Michael was extremely helpful and knowledgable and honest. Even though I had no witnesses or evidence... more
San Francisco  Michael Shemtoub

Michael Shemtoub

San Francisco, CA Car Accidents
Avvo rating 9.2
If you need someone on your side, Arkady Itkin couldn't be a better lawyer. He's everything you could ask for... more
San Francisco  Arkady Igor Itkin

Arkady Itkin

San Francisco, CA Employment & Labor
Avvo rating 9.3
Thanks, Lisa for you compassion and help. You are a real advocate for communities that are fighting unlawful... more
San Francisco  Lisa Giampaoli

Lisa Giampaoli

San Francisco, CA Landlord & Tenant
Avvo rating 5.6


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San Francisco’s history spans thousands of years, from the original Ohlone people native to the area, to modern history and the earthquakes and economics of the city.

San Francisco is known for its historic Chinatown, which is traced back to the 49ers and the transcontinental railroad. The male Chinese immigrants seeking money and opportunity passed through Angel Island, just off the coast of San Francisco, and settled in what is now Chinatown.

At first, these Chinese immigrants faced discrimination, which limited the growth of the Chinese district. The limiting decrees were repealed in the 1950s, allowing the community to flourish.

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