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Wilberforce O Agyekum

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  • I had a bogus judgment filed against me in 2007. bankruptcy discharged Aug. 25, 2008. They just re filed the judgment. can they?

    The judgment, (2007), was for something that they made up. it never took place. I file for bankruptcy and my debts were discharged Aug. 25, 2008. Now it's April 2015 and I am trying to buy a house. A new judgment from the same guy and the same law...

    Wilberforce’s Answer

    First, you should contact your bankruptcy attorney. If the debt is listed on the Petition, then you may have recourse via the bankruptcy court. Second, assuming it is the same debt, you could petition the state court judge to set-aside the judgment due to discharge in bankruptcy.

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  • Negligent Driving First Degree Expungement

    What is the likelihood of getting a conviction for Negligent Driving First Degree expunged. It was reduced from a 0.08 DUI. Are there forms to complete and file? Do I need to personally appear in court (I live in California)? Thank you.

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    It depends on whether you meet the requirements and if so, it is then at the Court's discretion. If you are able to afford an attorney - which should not cost too much - then I suggest you hire one. Otherwise spend time and research at a local law library -- king County Court Library might be helpful. Good Luck!

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    I doubt our dysfunctional government will pass any serious legislation during a heated election year. There is a much better likelihood in 2013 - after the American voters change the current Congress. I suggest doing whatever you can to vote out those who are in the way of a much needed immigration reform - if we have a GOP president - who knows!

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  • What can I do to get my car back from the impound?

    okay I was pulled over for tinted windows and got a ticket for driving on a suspended licenses. Well I pled not guilty and took it to trial and than I it was dissmissed. Now I am wondering since they impounded my boyfriend's sister's car I am wond...

    Wilberforce’s Answer

    The vehicle will be impounded for 30 calendar days. The registered owner will have to pay the towing and the 30-day storage fee to get the vehicle back at the end of this period.

    "I did not know his license was suspended"

    . . . or . . .

    Under Section 14604 CVC, the owner has a duty to assure the person driving their vehicle possesses a valid license; however, if you allow or permit anyone, including: your wife, son or daughter, or friend or relative, to drive your vehicle and that person does not have a valid driver's license, you will be responsible for towing and storage fees. You will not have access to the vehicle for 30 days.

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