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    I doubt our dysfunctional government will pass any serious legislation during a heated election year. There is a much better likelihood in 2013 - after the American voters change the current Congress. I suggest doing whatever you can to vote out those who are in the way of a much needed immigration reform - if we have a GOP president - who knows!

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  2. Negligent Driving First Degree Expungement

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    It depends on whether you meet the requirements and if so, it is then at the Court's discretion. If you are able to afford an attorney - which should not cost too much - then I suggest you hire one. Otherwise spend time and research at a local law library -- king County Court Library might be helpful. Good Luck!

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  3. What can I do to get my car back from the impound?

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    The vehicle will be impounded for 30 calendar days. The registered owner will have to pay the towing and the 30-day storage fee to get the vehicle back at the end of this period. "I did not know his license was suspended" . . . or . . . Under Section 14604 CVC, the owner has a duty to assure the person driving their vehicle possesses a valid license; however, if you allow or permit anyone, including: your wife, son or daughter, or friend or relative, to drive your vehicle and that...

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