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Linda Lee’s Legal Guides

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  • Primary Caregiver Convicted for Distributing To Her Own Patient and Possession

    HOW COULD IT BE UNLAWFUL IF I'M A PRIMARY CAREGIVER?? Easy, the law has changed. The City of Denver passed a bill requiring all dispensers of medical marijuana to be primary caregivers for the patie

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    Goldfuss Case Clearly Makes the Judge the Factfinder for Domestic Violence There is case law out there that clearly states that the determination of whether a crime constitutes a crime of domestic vi

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  • DUI and DUID (Marijuana) - The Basic Tips That the DA Doesn't Want You to Know

    In Colorado, a person driving with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .05 to .08 is considered to be driving while ability impaired by alcohol ("DWAI"). A DWAI conviction is punishable by a maximum fine of $500 and 6 months jail. In terms of your license, 8 points will be assessed ...

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  • Domestic Violence Basics and Tips

    Domestic violence is not actually a charge, but rather a sentence enhancer to be determined by the judge (although some judges have held that this is a question for the jury under Apprendi- see Legal Guide entitled "Domestic Violence Hot and Appealable Issues") as to whether the ...

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