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Dean R. Zakos

Dean Zakos’s Legal Guides

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  • Avoiding Risk-Shifting Terms in Supply Contracts

    As a seller, you often see a multi-page agreement or a set of terms and conditions submitted by a prospective purchaser in a commercial (non-consumer) transaction. You should be concerned about certain risks that you may be asked to take on. Here are five key concepts that you should know.

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  • NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS - Keep These Issues in Mind

    Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), which involve the exchange of confidential information, often fly below the radar screens of most businesses. They are routinely presented as a standard document, as legal boilerplate, or as a pre-requisite to get the ball rolling. To some extent...

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  • Search Committee Selection Process Guidelines

    Whether you operate in a for profit or not for profit organization, there are certain fundamental guidelines that should be observed in order to not only engender confidence in the process and the decision that is made but also avoid potential legal claims and other adverse conse...

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  • Electronic Health Records and Computer-Based Provider Order Entry Software Checklist

    Pre-planning 1. Assemble Your Team. You are smart to involve an outside IT consultant who can act as an objective third party. An attorney with software licensing and business experience is essenti

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  • Crisis Planning

    Know Your Objectives Protect the reputation of the organization. Protect the reputation of the product or service. Avoid adverse public relations. Avoid litigation (and political or regulatory interv

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  • The Art of Deposition Testimony

    What is the deposition process like? It is an informal process, usually in an informal setting, such as a law office, conference room, or hotel conference room, rather than in a courtroom. It usuall

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  • Negotiating Strategies

    Get All the Facts The first key to leverage in a negotiation is an understanding of all of the facts and what the other side really needs out of the situation. There may be facts that you do not know

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  • A Great Time to Sell Your Business?

    Things to Keep in Mind There are several things you should keep in mind when you decide to move forward with a sale. Arriving at the difficult decision to sell is just the beginning. Preparing your c

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