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William D. Edelblute

William Edelblute’s Legal Guides

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  • What rest periods or breaks am I required to receive as an employee?

    What if I am not currently receiving my lawful rest periods? Call the Department of Labor and Industries of the State of Washington, Employment Standards Division. In Spokane, their number is (509)

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  • Is medical marijuana "legal" in Washington State?

    State still allowed to search, seize, arrest, and charge Therefore, when a patient presents an officer who smells marijuana with a written authorization from doctor, there is still probable cause to

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  • Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy

    Washington courts have generally recognized the public policy exception to "at will" Washington courts have generally recognized the public policy exception when an employer terminates an employee as

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  • Deferred prosecution for DUI and other misdemeanor or gross misdemeanors

    Advantages of Deferred Prosecution Ordinarily, you do not want to go on a deferred prosecution if it is your first DUI charge ever, especially if your BAC reading is under .15. Why? Because the co

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  • What is "misconduct" that would deny me unemployment compensation?

    Were you discharged for business reasons alone? Under Washington State law, you will eligible for unemployment compensation benefits if your employer fired you because of business reasons, such as st

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