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Lewis Dallas Keikialii Cooney

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  • Probation violation?

    I got a speeding in a school zone ticket and i am on probation for a DUI and driving on suspended. Is this ticket a violation of my probation?

    Lewis’s Answer

    Generally, judges in Eastern WA do not impose "No civil infractions" as a condition of probation on DUI or Driving While License Suspended convictions. With that in mind, I would be a surprised if the Speeding in a School Zone infraction is a violation of probation.

    On the other hand, if you were charged with both Speeding AND Driving While License Suspended while on probation, then you most likely have violated.

    To be certain, you should immediately review the Judgement and Sentence from your DUI/DWLS case to determine the exact conditions of probation and contact the attorney who assisted you.

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  • 1st DUI. What can I expect?

    1st (and will be only) DUI. Kitsap County. Female age 22. No prior criminal record or tickets. Blew .098. Also was ticketed for improper lane usage which was actually me starting to make a left turn and changing my mind because it was wrong street...

    Lewis’s Answer

    I assume you attended your "First Appearance" on Monday. The judge either rescheduled your matter for an Arraignment - a hearing to enter a plea - or accepted a not guilty plea from you and scheduled your matter for a pre-trial hearing. Either way the two best pieces of advice I can give is to stay orgainized and to hire an attorney.

    Be sure to mark every calendar you have for your next court appearance AND for a pending deadline to request an administrative hearing with the Department of Licensing. You only have 20 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing to challenge the pending suspension with the DOL. If you take no action with the DOL, they will suspend your driver's license for 90 days beginning on the 60th day after arrest.

    Attorney fees will vary by the location of representation, complexity of the case and experience of the attorney. I strongly encourage you to seek an attorney as soon as possible.

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  • "speed too fast for conditions" citation

    I would like to know if it's worth requesting a contested hearing for "speed to fast" ticket

    Lewis’s Answer

    Of course, coming from a defense attorney, I would always request a contested hearing. Whether it is the right decision for you is another matter. It would depend on the facts of your case and how much your time is worth. The speeding statute talks about traveling at a reduced speed when necessary to avoid a collision and at a speed that is consistant with using due care. I would encourage you to consult with an attorney in the Kennewick/Tri-Cities area, who practices in the traffic infraction/criminal traffic field. He/she should be able to properly advise you regarding requesting a contested or other options.

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