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Russell Bradshaw’s Answers

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  • DUI obtained in WA. is it possible to transfer the Sentencing to another State?

    I have a friend that got a DUI in Seattle Washington, but now lives in Boise ID. Would her DUI sentencing be able to transfer over to where she currently lives in Boise ID?

    Russell’s Answer

    If you are asking about transferring the actual sentencing hearing (where the judge imposes punishment and probation conditions), I have never seen such a transfer between states in my 14 years of practice. What you are most likely referring to, however, is the transfer of probation conditions. It is common for folks that live out of town to attempt to transfer their probation to their state of residence. The Washington authorities would have to agree to it, of course, but the big question is whether the receiving jurisdiction (in this case Idaho) would agree to take responsibility for supervision of your friend’s probation.

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