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  1. How do I go about getting my truck fixed when the driver did a hit and run car accident?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Brad E Smith
    2. David J. McCormick
    3. Gary A Kester
    4. Bret A. Schnitzer
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    Turn this matter over to your own insurance, but they may also refuse to fix the truck if the cost of repair is greater than the truck's value. Also, it sounds like you have the information on the other driver. Make certain you file a police report, which is also going to be required by your own insurer. The fact the other driver was not a named insured does not mean the insurer of the other vehicle will deny coverage so long as he was a permissive driver. Terry Abeyta and Marianno Morales...

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  2. Do we have to sign an access authorization form from our insurance adjuster following a fire. if we don't what happens

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Shawn B Alexander
    2. Daniel E Stowe
    3. Brad E Smith
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    The form title itself if potentially misleading. "Access" more clearly would be associated with physical access to your home -- a reasonable and required response to a house fire. However, the insurer is clearly seeking "access" to your personal information. Before going to an attorney, write to the insurer and ask why they are requesting your "personal information" such as financial records. They may suspect that either the fire was not accidental, or that your personal property inventory...

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