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Gregory Gonzales’s client reviews

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  • second guess before you use Greg

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    Posted by a Car Accident client

    Reading that this lawyer is now going to be a judge makes me scared for Clark County. I made a review 4 years ago when he was my lawyer and I am doing one again. Lets just say this guy is physco. I have never had anyone disrespect and yell at me like he did. Four years later and I remember this guy perfectly. I had to have 2 lawyers for an accident since my case was going to trial and I needed to him since I need a lawyer who could go to court. My first lawyer said he called and harrased him numerous times and would never recommend him to anyone. This guy was way more concerened about the money than my case. My first lawyer got to the point where he didnt care if he got a penny as long as he didnt have to deal with this guy again.
    The main incident is when I went for a meeting and he blew up at me. He started yelling and screaming at I dont think he knew what he was talking about since it was all blending together. Than added about my first lawyer and how he was a fake lawyer since I had to hire him. I left the office crying and called the first lawyer. His first thing was to show me proof that he could practice law in Washington and that lawyers no matter what should not blow up on you. He was willing to come to every other meeting with me to make sure I was protected. I was close to trial I just wanted to get it over with. But I got anxiety whenver I was in the room with Greg.
    And with my deposition I don't even know why he showed up. He kept leaving the room leaving me alone. He never stood up for me or made any comment.