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William Brendgard’s Answers

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  • I just moved to Washington state from Florida for a job. How can I transfer my child custody case here? I'm the custodial parent

    My abusive ex husband is trying to serve me with another custody lawsuit. I gave him full disclosure. My mother just died and I'm tired of him persecuting me. Our daughter is 12 and he has been relentless in trying to get custody of her to hurt me...

    William’s Answer

    Check your FL court orders and laws about moving away with kids, in case he claims you moved without permission.

    Under the UCCJEA, laws that every state follows, Florida keeps jurisdiction as long as there's a prior custody order and one parent still lives there. It prevents people from up and leaving only to jump into court in a faraway place. If he moves out of FL that could allow a court in the kid/s new home state to take over the case.

    Washington courts cannot modify the out-of-state order until FL gives up jurisdiction (based on your FL motion that the FL judge would please decline jurisdiction and hand off the case to WA).

    UCCJEA lets a court decline jurisdiction considering: how much evidence is in each state; convenience/expense to the parents and witnesses; how long the kid/s lived in WA; and whether domestic violence occurred. Until then you need help in FL courts not WA.

    WA could do a restraining order if he harasses/abuses within WA state, but any WA judge would want to know about the existing FL order.

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  • Can I sue person who trying to broke my marriage life?

    One guy with who I date when I split with my husband trying to broke my marriage life. My husband did not know that I date with someone when we was split. If he will find out from that guy my marriage life will be over. What is possible to do in t...

    William’s Answer

    Can you sue the man you dated while married? Not under anything I can think of. Any restraining order you apply for, needs to be based on real facts showing the man's conduct in committing a pattern of harassment or making threats of violence to you. If he has not, then I don't see any legal tools you could use to keep him from talking to your husband. Counseling can improve your communications with husband, even if you don't stay together.

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  • Who cost the lowest price for divorce if both party's sing

    we both want a divorce but don't have a lot of money

    William’s Answer

    Agree that uncontested should not be too expensive if you look around to various law offices in your town. Cheapest way is a non-lawyer document prep service, but that may come at a high price of having poorly drafted forms, a confused judge, and other headaches.

    State court forms might be available for use in a pro-se dissolution. Some courthouses have a family law facilitator to assist pro-se litigants. There may be a volunteer lawyer program in your county.

    You can trim lawyer costs by starting some papers yourself. Best to have a lawyer at least look it over, if not write up your documents entirely.

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