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Rebecca Reeder’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 4 total

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  • Above and Beyond

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave

    Divorce can be very difficult but choosing a lawyer to trust and help you go through the process is by far the most important decision of all. After trying to find an honest and caring lawyer who treated me with individual attention and concern for my well-being, I felt I had no hope and thought my situation would never improve. A Friend of mine who used the same law firm recommended them highly to me,so I made an appointment to see Rebbecca. From the first moment we meet in a consultation, she got right to business and made it very clear to me she knew her stuff. After being beat down in a bad marriage she immediately began to explain that I have rights and my goal to get my life back was definitely obtainable. Rebbecca developed a plan of action and made it clear she would give it her all to help me. During the process Rebbecca would respond quickly whenever I needed to discuss any issues or concerns regarding my case. Her legal knowledge and experience was very impressive and highly professional. Her assistant Paula, was outstanding and very helpful with quick responses and assistance throughout my case.
    Finding the right lawyer is tough, but trust me and give Rebbecca Reader a chance to get your "Life Back" as I did.

  • not so much

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Not so was a privilege for me to pay n pay for something a good paralegal could have done. Not gracious or compassionate in the least....thankless

  • Outstanding Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    After meeting with and interviewing three attorneys all of which had been recommended as divorce attorneys I thought I stood a better chance defending myself. One was supposed to be the best, but was pompous, arrogant and overpriced, but like everyone I wanted to win. I met with him twice for 600 dollars. A few weeks had went by and he, as well as, another attorney needed to be reminded of all the facts and challenges. The third by his own admission was constantly turning over support staff. None seemed to be a good fit.

    An acquaintance used Rebecca Reeder and recommended her. She posted a picture of a shark on her facebook and said that's my attorney with a big smile. I sent her a private message and asked why do you say she is a Shark and would you recommend her and explained my situation. She said just is aggressive when she needs to be, is always moving forward and she just took a bit out of my Ex. I called and scheduled an appointment with Rebecca and as we sat down it became clear this lady is on it. She took notes feverishly, valued my time and her own. Rebecca kept up with all the facts and details clear as my long term soap opera was discussed and made her recommendations.

    Before our first court date it was clear that my now Ex was out to play dirty, slander my name, character and try to make me an every other weekend parent. I wanted to stay on the high road and Rebecca allowed me to do so. I can look myself in the mirror every day and say we did it right, we fought fair and at the end despite being out spent three to one in attorney's fees we won. Rebecca was masterful in her presentation in front of the court, thinks very quickly on her feet and when challenged with a tough situation has the needed experience and expertise to navigate the system; which is onerous. We never missed a deadline and she was on apposing counsel with rules and facts multiple times.

    I am self employed, was in a very long term marriage and drug through the mud by a bitter ex that never worked or contributed to our success. Rebecca had reliable and excellent expert witness' when it came to valuing my business, and assets of the marital estate.

    Paula, her paralegal; was prompt, professional, courteous and competent. She was always up to speed with my case if I had a question or if I needed advice and Rebecca wasn't available.

    It is without any reservation that I recommend Rebecca Kaye Reeder

  • Happy single mom

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    Rebecca and her team are amazing to work with and I could not be happier. This was the most intense divorce/custody battle of my life and she had my back throughout the whole process. Her personal attention and dedication to my case was reassuring and comforting. I was very impressed by the way she handled herself in front of court commissioners and judges, very professional and seamed to have a good relationship with her peers.