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  • Advice on handling a felony bench warrant for FTA in Pierce County

    My son will soon be released from WA Corrections. He has found that he has a felony bench warrant for FTA for review hearing while incarcerated. He has written first a letter of continuance prior to the review date as well as a request to quash ...

    James’s Answer

    Your son should go to the Pierce County Department of Counsel (DAC) at 949 Market Street in Tacoma between 8:30 and 4:00p to schedule a quash. Unfortunately, your son has to personally go to DAC to schedule the quash. For more info you can call 253-798-6062.

    Of course, you can also hire an attorney, but this will cost you money where DAC won't. Good luck!

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  • I never received a citation (ticket or signed a ticket) but being charged with reckless driving

    I just received a summons to appear in court for reckless driving. Allegedly this happened on 12/1/2012 the court date is 5/3/2013. I never signed or received a ticket at the time of the alleged infraction the cop told me to come home and let me go.

    James’s Answer

    I agree with the above attorneys. I would simply add that you will likely not see the inside of a jail unless you have some criminal history. Also, depending on your driving history, you may be a candidate for Habitual Traffic Offender status, which means your license can be suspended for more than 30 days. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

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  • How much would it cost me for a lawyer?

    I have a possession of marijuana charge, its a misdemeanor, I only had about 2 grams of it

    James’s Answer

    The typical range in this area is probaby between $1,500 and $5,000. You can get a pretty good attorney for somewhere right in the middle of those figures. Feel free to call if you have any other questions.

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  • Can I Be Charged With Possessing Stolen Property?

    I found an item on the side of the road that appeared to have fallen off a vehicle. I have several witnesses that were with me when the item was discovered. I waited two days and went back and the item was still there so I recovered it. There w...

    James’s Answer

    I agree with Mr. Stone. I'd also point out that there isn't a prosecutor in the world who is going to dump your case. Likewise, there probably isn't a judge in the world who is going to dump your case. Judge and prosecutor alike are used to hearing people say they found the stolen goods being sold.

    I've been doing this for over a dozen years, and in my experience a reasonable juror could conclude that you possessed and were selling someone else's stuff. A lot of people don't like the idea of selling something you've found unless you made a good faith effort to let the owner know that you've found the item and wish to return it.

    I handle a lot of cases at the Regional Justice Center Superior Court, District Court and Kent Muni. You need an aggressive attorney to fight this case for you.

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  • Looking for a lawyer with heart....personal injury case in wa state.......

    looking for a lawyer because my lawyer wants to quit...liability is not an issue....just offer is law ball

    James’s Answer

    Call my office to schedule a free consultation.

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  • What are my options if the insurance does not cover everything?

    I was just recently in a rear end collision and the driver that hit me ran away, I could not follow and could not get his plates, my insurance company I checking the car and im waiting for the result of the evaluation to my car wether its a total ...

    James’s Answer

    I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Here's my general advice:
    1. You need to call the police to take a report. The person who hit you committed a crime by not stopping and exchanging insurance and contact information with you.
    2. If you, or the people with you, were injured, then you need to go to the ER and have a doctor examine you. Then you need to follow your doctor's advice. Chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy may help. Ask your doctor.
    3. The insurance company will decide whether your car should be repaired, or totaled. You can go to your own shop, or bring in your own repair expert. You don’t have to go where the insurance company sends you. If the insurance company totals your car, they are generally pretty fair with replacement value. If the car is financed, you should determine whether you will still owe money on the car. If so, look at your financing paperwork to see if you purchased "gap" insurance, which will pay the difference between what you get from the insurance company and what you owe on the car.
    4. Contact a lawyer. Even though you'll be dealing with your own insurance company, their goal is to pay you as little money as possible. A lawyer is your best chance of getting everything that you and your family members are owed.
    5. Open a claim with the State of Washington to receive Crime Victim Penalty money. This money is kept in a fund to help victims of crimes. You may be eligible for compensation.
    I used to represent insurance companies in claims like yours. They paid me to help them avoid paying people just like you. Don’t go against them alone. There are a lot of great attorneys in Tacoma. You should start calling today. Good luck!

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  • I am trying to re-instate my right to bear arms in Washington state and was wondering where I need to go to do so

    I was convicted of attempted 2nd degree arson in 2003 as a minor and have since got my record sealed. My only other convictions are 2 minor in possession of alcohol that are on my record as I was 18-20 when these took place. I was wondering where ...

    James’s Answer

    Call Martha McLaughlin at my office for a free consultation. She'll tell you what to do. 253-683-4180.

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  • If your insurance say yes the wreck was not your falt and the outher says it was. police report backs u up. How do you collect .

    I only have lieable. My say they wont help me collect any damages

    James’s Answer

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Man, insurance companies love taking your money all the way up until you actually need their help. Were you injured in the accident? What are the basic facts of the accident? What does the accident report actually say? Were there witnesses?

    The short story is that the other driver's insurance company must compensate you for your damages (auto repair, medical bills, lost wages, etc.). Unfortunately, I find that a lot of insurance companies won't do anything until a lawyer gets involved. Fortunately for you most personal injury attorneys don't charge money up front to help you. Pretty much every attorney in Tacoma is kind of like us; they'll meet with you to discuss your case for free, and they don't get paid until you do.

    Schedule an appointment with somone as soon as you can. Good Luck!

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  • Need advise on car accident.

    My girlfriend got into a accident it was the other drivers fault.She has some minor back issues from it the driver is a employe of a large company here in Wa state.My problem is it only seems like her insuranc company is going to go after the car ...

    James’s Answer

    I agree with the above answers. Which insurance company are you dealing with? If your girlfriend is in pain make sure she goes to see a doctor who documents her injuries. Was the accident here in Tacoma?

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  • What is time limit to file charges against a Hit and Run driver under the influence (.160). No insurance, suspended D.L.

    We were rear ended on freeway by uninsured, drunk driver who left the scene but was apprehended shortly after. Eye witness stated he never used his brakes before hitting us. There were injuries and this is not his first suspension. We have uninsur...

    James’s Answer

    I agree with the above answers, but I would add that you are also eligible for money from the crime victim penalty find. Call me if you want to find out about the person who hit you and his court case.

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