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Carolyn Annette Elsey

Carolyn Elsey’s Legal Guides

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  • What to Expect in a Dependency Case in Washington State

    Grounds for Dependency Anyone can file a dependency petition. However, the petitioner will also have the responsibility of ensuring that court-ordered services are made available to the parents. Th

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  • What is Post-secondary educational support?

    Legal Standards Post-secondary support in WA is governed by RCW 26.19.090. The matter is first brought before a court commissioner on a show cause docket. The petition MUST be filed before the term

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  • What is Involuntary Commitment under the Washington State Mental Health System

    Patient Rights At all times in the legal process, patients have the right to agree to entry of a court order detaining them in a facility. Involuntary commitment should not be confused with competen

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