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Carolyn Annette Elsey

Carolyn Elsey’s Legal Guides

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  • How Do I Get Sole Custody After Domestic Violence (a Guide for Mothers--and Some Fathers)

    Parenting Plans Allegations of DV alone are not necessarily enough to get custody of your child. The courts have to consider a number of statutory factors and parenting functions to decide what the

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  • How Do I Get an Emergency Family Law Restraining Order?

    What is an ex parte restraining order? This is an order issued by the court in emergency circumstances to prevent some kind of injury. It can prohibit contact between people (and kids), prevent fina

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  • How to Handle Pets During a Divorce

    Ordinary Housepets Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. are all regarded as property. All the stuff that goes along with them (bedding, tanks/cages, toys, etc.) is awarded to whoever is keeping t

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