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Michael Evan Stowell

Michael Stowell’s Legal Guides

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  • Child Support in Kitsap County

    For over 18 years I have handled child support cases in Kitsap County. Following is a brief summary of the basics of a child support case. WHO PAYS CHILD SUPPORT? Parents have a legal obligation to support their minor children and that obligation exists or continues if the partie...

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  • Adoptions in Kitsap County

    Through the years I have done adoptions in Kitsap County for married couples, domestic partners and step-parents. Some of these were private adoptions, that is, done independently or through an agency and others were adoptions of foster children where the Department of Social and...

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  • Getting a Divorce in Kitsap County

    The divorce process in Washington State is legally simple but that does not mean that an actual divorceis necessarily simple or easy. From the legal standpoint, the requirements that have to be fulfilled to get a judge to sign the final "decree of dissolution" can be completed 90...

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