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  • Husband has 6 pending charges in kitsap county need sentencing range for 9 points

    charges are #1PSP first degree #2 Possession of stolen firearm #3 Unlawful possession of firearm (felon) first degree #4 Burglary Residential #5 Possession of stolen vehicle and #6 VUSCA meth

    Stan’s Answer

    I agree with that calculation on the unlawful possession. Range is probably 72 - 96 on the theft of firearm charge. I would need to review the Information to be sure.
    But be aware that if he has more than nine points, a judge gets much more latitude to deviate from the standard sentencing range and exceed it, AND be aware that the law presumes that the court order consecutive sentences on the firearms charges.

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  • I have been on probation for dui in Washington state for over six years and my original probation was five years. Is this legal

    I was on probation and left the state. When I came back my probation had expired but I was still kept under supervision. Is this legal?

    Stan’s Answer

    Possibly. Washington law allows a court to extend jurisdiction if there times when a warrant was outstanding, or in some cases even times when there are probation violations pending. You will need a lawyer to look through your particular case file to calculate whether there is jurisdiction remaining.

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  • What should I look for when hiring a dui lawyer?

    I live in Poulsbo, Wa and am in search of a dui lawyer for my brother-in-law, who is also a resident. I don't know the exact details since he is quite ashamed, so I just wanted to find some tips for when searching for one. I have found some good i...

    Stan’s Answer

    Good question. You will probably have to talk to (in person or by phone) more than one lawyer before you feel educated about hiring one. It is very difficult to distinguish lawyers by their phone book ads. Ask about price, ask what they think possible outcomes might be. You will be able to tell very quickly if they are knowledgeable in the field.
    Look for someone who practices regularly in the court where your brother in law's case is filed. I think it is bad practice to have a lawyer who isn't in that court all the time, and familiar with that court's way of doing things.
    I would also want to know how accessible the lawyer is; will you be able to reach him or her by email, for example.
    When it comes down to it, I think it is largely a comfort level. You want someone who can explain things without feeling the need to overwhelm you with legal jargon. You probably have enough life experience to spot genuine answers as opposed to rhetoric.
    And for the record, Matt Clucas at Tolman Kirk Clucas is very good. He is one of several in this county I fell comfortable recommending.
    Good luck.

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  • Will a misdemeanor theft 3 disqualify you security clearance for PSNS

    I was arrested and charged with theft 3 in april. Going thru court right now.

    Stan’s Answer

    Ken Bagwell is a lawyer in Silverdale who specializes in PSNS security issues. He can probably answer your question.
    The best way to protect your future job opportunities is to NOT be convicted of the crime in the first place! There are many ways to keep a conviction off your record for this type of charge. If you have not spoken to a good attorney yet, do so right away.

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  • Dismissal before arraignment?

    Do you ask for dismissal before arraignment? What are grounds for dismissal? When do you ask for charges to be dropped?

    Stan’s Answer

    If you hire an attorney prior to the arraignment, then they can certainly work on the case right away. It is possible, although rare, to have charges dismissed prior to the arraignment.
    If you are planning to represent yourself, or use a court appointed attorney, then you probably will not be able to discuss the case with the lawyer or prosecutor until after you have physically appeared in court for arraignment.

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  • Arraignment/court dates be the same date and time ?

    If 2 people were charged with criminal trespass, we were together at the time, will our arraignment/court dates be the same date and time?

    Stan’s Answer

    Generally, yes they will be summonsed for the same date. Unless one or both hire attorneys before the court date is set, that would cause them to be rescheduled.

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  • Clean record for a decade. Charged theft1, , item in question was given to officer. I will not please guilt, goin to trial..

    I Clean record for a decade. Charged theft1, , item in question was given to officer. I will not plead guilt, as there is no proof and i did not steal it i was left at my house. goin to trial.. What to expect? Only can afford a public defender.

    Stan’s Answer

    Follow whatever advice your attorney gives you, they have your best interest in mind. If the government can prove the case against you, then a plea may well be the best thing for you; you can't make that decision until you meet with the lawyer and she or he gets a full chance to review the evidence.
    Sounds like you would have no history for sentencing purposes. IF that is accurate, Theft 1 carries between zero and ninety days jail. That is a pretty broad range, so meet with your lawyer to get advice as soon as possible.

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  • How much jail time will I most likely receive when I turn myself in for my warrant?

    I was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia last summer. Only one no other criminal history. I was ordered to get a drug/alcohol assessment spend one day in jail and pay a 500 $ fine .I got laid off and lost my place to live and wasnt able...

    Stan’s Answer

    Certainly you want to go in to court with a lawyer. Call whoever represented you originally. Since the change in the law last year, most courts aren't prosecuting marijuana related misdemeanors anymore. If that is what the drug was in your case, that may help.

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  • What do i do when i was wrongfully accused of shoplifting at winco?

    security man accused me of taking a .99 cent b 12 drink. he said step back inside if you are not guilty. i did.because i knew i was not guilty of taking anything. and i had nothing on me.he was very rude as though he was trying to aggravate me i...

    Stan’s Answer

    I agree, you probably won't get anywhere trying to talk to loss prevention. Since you signed that document, in their minds you did it and they will not discuss it further with you.
    Also, because you signed the form, you have probably already agreed to pay their "civil penalty". An attorney can probably negotiate it down for you, but most of those forms contain an agreement to pay. I would have to look at it to know for sure. If it did, they could send it to collections and make it more expensive, and damage your credit.
    Hiring an attorney in your area is probably the best thing you can do to protect your record.

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  • Was there any point in getting a deferment if the theft will always be on my record?

    I was charged with theft 3 but if I complete certain hours and pay $600 the judge said it'd be a deferred case.

    Stan’s Answer

    I agree with the others, but 'deferred' can be used a couple of different ways. Make sure you fully understand what is being offered when they say 'deferred'. In my experience, it almost always means a dismissal at the end, but make sure you know exactly what you have to do to get that dismissal, and what can prevent it from happening.

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