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  1. Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Valerie Semmes Bouffiou
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    3. Jenifer Howson
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    If you ask thinking that you believe the restraining order should be rescinded or cancelled, yes, you would want an attorney to assist you in getting the matter before the court. These hearings can get quite sticky so an attorney can help avoid some of the pitfalls. Good luck.

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  2. Can you refuse probation on a 2nd DUI in Skagit County in Washington State?

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. James J White
    2. Patrick Owen Earl
    3. David Nelson Jolly
    4. Jenifer Howson
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    Here is the deal. If you serve out the maximum sentence, then you are correct, they cannot give you any penalty for violations of probation. You would serve about 9 months of a 12 month maximum term, assuming there are no other charges than DUI. The problem you should be aware of is that you will never have a driver's licesne in WA with out meeting the requirments of evaluation and treatment, if any is recommended. Honestly, though, as a Skagit attorney, it seems like you make be operating...

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  3. I got drunk with my 20 year old friend. passed out and woke up at the hospital. I have a court date. what should i do now?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Bennett James Wills
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    You don't say what your court is for, so it is aliitle difficult to give speciafic answers but you will definately want to consult with an attorney. I practice right here in Anacortes and my office is in Mount Vernon in your county. I have practiced in Anacortes for 15 years. Do not hesitate to call. We can discuss privately your opions and what we can do to avoid penalties and/or to minimize them. You can discuss the option of getting an evaluation at Dellamas and associates. You should not...

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  4. Is Reckless charge better than DUI?

    Answered about 2 months ago.

    1. Scott Weymouth Lawrence
    2. Jonathan J Lewis
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    Always best to seek out a DUI attorney well versed in DUI Defense in the court you are going to be attending, to make sure that you could not do even better than a DUI. Maybe there are weaknesses in the evidence or procedures that make the prosecutor's case worse than you may realize. But yes, reckless driving can reduce the penalties and it is not called a DUI so many people are pleased with this reduction. It can eliminate the day in jail and the license suspensions and ignition interlock...

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  5. I got a dui and completed a deferred program. Will I still be barred from entering Canada?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Michael P Brodsky
    2. Jay Scott Finnecy
    3. James J White
    4. Jenifer Howson
    5. Julia E. Simmons
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    If you have no other convictions that would result in being barred from Canada, then a deferred prosecution should not bar you from Canada since it is not a conviction. As Mr. Brodsky mentioned, I have clients with alcohol problems and DUI charges that choose deferred for this very reason. They address their alcohol problem and are not barred from Canada. Still, keep an open mind as border agents have a good amount discretion to do what they please.

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  6. I was told by the public defender to plea guilty I told him I wanted to take it to trial, can it be taken back to court?

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Jon Thomas Scott
    2. Michael P Brodsky
    3. Kenan Lee Isitt
    4. Jenifer Howson
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    You should contact an attorney as there may be grounds to withdraw your plea but it is important to act quickly. Mount Vernon has indeed had some issues relating to the public defense system so they may be willing to set aside you plea and allow you to take the case to trial. Try contacting the assigned counsel office in Skagit County and/or contact the clerk's office of the court, if you cannot afford an attorney to attempt to withdraw the plea then maybe they can appoint an attorney to make...

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  7. If I don't have anyone to represent me yet but someone calls the police for a crime what should I do?

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Scott Weymouth Lawrence
    2. Ashkan Yekrangi
    3. Jennifer J Wirsching
    4. Jenifer Howson
    5. Carl A Morgan
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    Keep your mouth zippered completely shut and do not discuss ANYTHING with law enforcement. Tell them politely you would like an attorney present before any questioning. If they have enough to arrest you, you will be assigned an attorney to talk to. You can always consult with a private attorney as well. You are on the right track here, just remember to keep your demeanor calm as well as your moth shut!

  8. I went into field to take family Photo the bottom gate was wide open an no sign of NO trespassing sign posted , can i be charged

    Answered about 1 year ago.

    1. Vitaliy Kertchen
    2. Jessica Lorene Campbell
    3. Thuong-Tri Nguyen
    4. Jenifer Howson
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    Yes, you can be charged. You may have a defense to the charge for lack of notice. You have the right to counsel as trespass is a criminal charge. I am familiar with that court and you would be given the chance to present your defense, although an attoney is recommended.

  9. Stopped for DUI but urine test is negative for all drugs and alcohol. Can you still be charged for DUI?

    Answered about 3 years ago.

    1. Blake Nathaniel Dore
    2. E.P. Hackenberg
    3. Jenifer Howson
    4. Christopher Blake Holley
    5. Todd Bruce Kotler
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    As mentioned, every State can be different so it is important to contact an experienced DUI attorney in the State of arrest. In my experience, sometimes a DUI can be charged because the prosecuting attorney and/or the officer are unaware of the negative urine tests that are done days later at the hospital. their report ends after the arrestee is taken to the hospital. Sometimes law enforcement alleges a refusal to take a blood and/or breath test and they simply charge DUI in light of the...

  10. I had charges reduced in a juvenile case. Can a background check still see my original charges?

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

    1. Jenifer Howson
    2. Kelly W. Case
    3. Randy William Ferguson
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    Most likely you can get your record sealed and it is recommended that you so. The Washington State Patrol keeps the records that you can easily find on line at their site, to see what is reflected there. (Called WATCH) We are located in Skagit County if your case arose there we are happy to answer any more specific questions you may if you contact our office. You can get this accomplished without an attorney, but it is certainly easier to fill out the documents and get them submitted to the...

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