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Michael P Brodsky

Michael Brodsky’s Legal Guides

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  • Washington MIPs - Minor in Possession or Consumption of Alcohol

    MIP MIP or Minor in Possession, is shorthand for RCW 66.44.270 Furnishing liquor to minors--Possession, use--Penalties--Exhibition of effects and it is probably the most commonly charged crime in the City of Bellingham, particularly when WWU is in session. But for a common crime,...

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  • Costs Typically Associated with a DUI Charge in the State of Washington

    There are many steps to take when facing a DUI charge, and some of them incur unexpected expenses. The following information is intended to help you estimate what your expenses will be in addition to the Attorney’s fee. It is not meant to provide you with a precise figure.

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  • What is DUI / DWI Deferred Prosecution?

    Should I do a deferred prosecution? That is a complex and difficult question to answer and will depend on the facts of your case and your criminal history. Will I lose my license if I do a deferred p

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