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Jeffrey Alan Lustick

Jeffrey Lustick’s Legal Guides

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  • Fighting Camera Issued Traffic Tickets in Washington State

    Have you been ticketed through a traffic enforcement camera? Here's how you can fight back! Use this checklist to see if how the photo ticket you received will stand up in court. Was the photo ticket issued for an appropriate reason? In Washington, "photo tickets" or automated t...

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  • Common Myths About Your Rights and the Police As a College Student

    1. MYTH: The police must automatically read Miranda to you as soon as you are placed under arrest. FACT:No, in Washington, Miranda warnings (The right to remain silent, etc.) are only required when the person is in custody and is then questioned or interrogated. In "custody" is a...

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  • Vacating a Criminal Conviction from Your Record

    It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to overcome the negative stigma and social disabilities caused by a criminal conviction. And in the modern age of information and the Internet, it's now very easy to find information about private citizens and even harder to avoid...

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  • Washington Law: What is a Felony?

    A felony offense in Washington State is a serious crime for which the punishment may be more than one year in a state or federal prison. All felonies in Washington, including juvenile felonies, are handled in the Superior Court. Washington State law establishes three class...

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  • 10 Tips to Dealing With FAA Ramp Checks

    1. ATTITUDE: Be cool, be confident, don't panic, be polite and cooperative. 2. IDENTIFICATION: Verify that this person is an FAA inspector and that they have the authority to check you and your aircraft. This should be addressed at the very beginning. You should be reluctant ...

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  • Washington State Criminal Statute of Limitations

    Its more than just a time limitation... Statutes of limitation generally require the criminal to remain in the state, gainfully employed and visible, seeming to necessitate that the criminal remain "

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  • Legal Tips for When You Are the Driver and a Motor Vehicle Accident Occurs

    (1) Make Sure You Are Safe. -Is the vehicle stopped or parked in a safe place? -Is the vehicle stabilized or at risk of catching fire or exploding? -Are you and your passengers in deed of medica

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  • FAA Rules Regarding Alcohol and Drug Convictions and Administrative Actions for Pilots

    Federal Aviation Regulation (CFR) 91.17 Code of Federal Regulations 91.17, pertaining to the use of drugs and alcohol by pilots, declares no person may operate or attempt to operate an airplane or ai

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  • An Outline of a Federal Criminal Case

    The Complaint Unless you have already been indicted (formally charged) by a grand jury, the charges against you are begun by a sworn statement (called a complaint) presented to a U.S. Magistrate Judg

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