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  1. If you lived together a number of years but house was bought a month before married is it community property?

    Answered over 5 years ago.

    1. Erica Nicolle Knauf Santos
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    In WA if you pay the mortgage on a family home from community funds then it is community property, or at the very least the marital portion of the home is community. Without knowing more facts it is difficult to say but I would argue the entire home is community property as I assume the mortgage was paid for out of community funds for the past three years as you have not said otherwise. Many attorneys offer a free consultation. You should consider speaking to someone before you sign any...

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  2. What is the average cost of an annulment versus the cost of a divorce? Is a church annulment legal? Are assets that you had sepa

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Erica Nicolle Knauf Santos
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    You will have to get a legal annulment or divorce not just a chuch annulment. Annulment is harder to obtain than a dissoution. It would be best to speak with an attorney to determine which is the best option for your set of facts. All attorneys charge different amounts so it is difficult to determine the total cost as it will depend on the facts of your case, if it will be contested by your spouse and the hourly rate of the attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations which may...

  3. After both parties have signed separation papers and we are at65 days after filing, can he now contest what we both agreed to?

    Answered over 5 years ago.

    1. Isabella Zampino
    2. Erica Nicolle Knauf Santos
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    Well it depends on what type of “separation papers” were signed. If you entered into a CR2A agreement the answer is most likely no. However if you both just signed the final dissolution papers and are waiting for the 90 day mark to have them entered then yes he can object if a few things are done. If he signed the joinder to the petition but did not file the response then he will need to file the response. If he filed the response to the petition then you both agreed on the final papers and he...