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Paige Diana Haley

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  • My husband will not sign the final decree for dissolution. What do I do next?

    I don't have an attorney, but my husband does. We've agreed to a property settlement, and we're past our 90 day waiting period, but I'm still waiting on him to sign the final decree. I'm not getting a solid answer from his attorney regarding when ...

    Paige’s Answer

    If you have actually signed a binding property settlement agreement and there is no dispute regarding the language and content of the decree, you can file a Motion for Presentation of Final Orders in Court based on the agreement. However, if there is a dispute about the drafting of the decree, you will want to check if the property settlement agreement includes any sort of requirement that disputes about the drafting of the decree be addressed a certain way, such as arbitration. If it does, you will need to comply with that requirement before filing a Motion with the Court to present final orders. If you have not actually signed a binding property settlement agreement, you do not have an agreement that is enforceable and must proceed as though your divorce is still contested.

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