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  1. I was involved in motorcycle-car accident

    Answered 6 months ago.

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    Mo, What you "can get" from the car driver's insurance depends upon several factors. If the car driver has enough liability insurance you should be able to recover all of your damages which were caused by the car driver's negligence (including medical bills, lost wages if any, pain and suffering and for the damage to your motorcycle) . Most insurance companies now sell underinsured motorist coverage insurance for motorcyclists, and if you have that coverage, it will supplement the car...

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  2. My husband got hit while he was on his scooter, we have finished treatment. they are offering us 9,000 is that a reasonable amt.

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Michele G Pearson
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    Without knowing how the accident happened, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of the reasonable settlement value of your husband's case. Ultimately, the fault of each entity involved in the accident must be considered in order to determine the value of your husband's claim. Also, what is the nature and extent of his injuries. He should talk to an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney in Washington as soon as possible. Claims which are not brought within the statute of...

  3. What should I do?

    Answered almost 5 years ago.

    1. Max Jeffrey Meyers
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    You don’t say why your liability insurer denied coverage for your boyfriend’s car. Was it specifically excluded or was your insurance coverage limited to a particular vehicle? In Washington, insurance usually “follows the car” which means that any insurance which covers a particular car will be primary and if there is none, or if it is insufficient then other insurance might apply, such as insurance which the driver (you) might have. You also did not provide any details about when and why...

  4. What do you do if you need to serve somebody and you cant find them. Is there something called public notification?

    Answered almost 5 years ago.

    1. Steven Eugene Knapp
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    You didn't mention what type of case this is. Here in Washington, in addition to serving by publication (which requires strict compliance with the rules), if your case involves the use of a public road (such as a car accident) you can serve another driver by serving the Secretary of State (called substituted service) following a motor vehicle accident, but ONLY under certain circumstances, including where the defendant is hiding, evading service or has left the state. You have the burden to...

  5. I got into a car wreck and was faulted for speeding i didnt realize my insurance lapsed on june 6th what will happen?

    Answered almost 5 years ago.

    1. Steven Eugene Knapp
    2. Joyce J. Sweinberg
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    You have many issues to consider. Whether or not you were speeding does not necessarily mean you were at fault for causing this accident. You did not provide sufficient details of how the accident happened to provide any opinions as to who may have been at fault or whether your speeding ticket is valid. You could have a defense to the speeding ticket and/or to the causation of the accident. You should check with your mom, and with her insurance company and/or agent to see if your coverage...

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