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Justin G Elsner

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  • I got a trffic citation and the officer say that i have dwsl in washington how to go about getting this cleared up asap

    so how do i talk with attorney to turn myself in and get my wdl back what is the first step...

    Justin’s Answer

    Based on your question I am assuming the officer says you have a DWLS 3rd degree. If so, you need to find out why your license was suspended. You most likely have unpaid tickets. Go to the department of licensing and ask them for your driver's license abstract. This will tell you what outstanding obligations you have. Once you pay the court (or collection agency) that you owe money to then you can get your license re-instated through the DOL. If you are charged with DWLS 3rd you will need to address that criminal charge; the charge does not disappear when you have re-instated your license.

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  • Is traffic school considered a dererral

    I got a ticket for going 14 miles over on I-90 by ritzville, I am considering asking for traffic school to keep the ticket off my record, is that considered a deferred ticket?

    Justin’s Answer

    There are a few jurisdictions that require you do driving school to qualify for a deferral, but otherwise the deferral is a program most courts offer. If you pay that court's administrative fee and don't get another ticket for the prescribed period (usually 1 year) then the ticket will be dismissed.

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