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Reed Philip Schifferman

Reed Schifferman’s client reviews

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  • There is NO ONE better than Reed!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    I was involved in a very ugly malpractice case involving myself and my newborn son. I am a nurse and I initially thought that meant we could manage things on our own with the help of a family friend in a completely different area of law. We struggled for almost two years before wising up and realizing that we needed an expert in the field if we had any hope of a positive outcome. I actually found Reed using AVVO. I called his office and spoke to Judy; telling her all the details of my case which took over an hour. She listened patiently and asked a lot of questions. She was so comforting and wonderful to talk to back then and has been every single day since.
    I met Reed a few days later. I was immediately impressed by his straight forward manner and candid answers. He told me that my case was good but that malpractice is a very tricky business. Hospitals spend a lot of money to avoid admitting liability or paying you. He was absolutely right. The opposition pulled out every trick they could think of and Reed was amazing to watch. The process took 3 more years and my health went through many turns in that time but Reed and Judy stuck with us the whole way. They enabled us to focus on our own battles while they fought for us on the legal front. I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Thank God for Reed!” He explored every single detail of the case and evaluated the defense with a level of expertise that only decades in the field (on both sides of the courtroom) can give you. He was able to punch through every single barrier that they came up with and he was fierce in deposition. Because of Reed, I knew with certainty that we would get the optimum outcome because we had him on our side. He never allowed us to be intimidated or tricked by the opposition and they tried on several different occasions. He managed multiple defendants (with multiple attorneys) simultaneously without flinching or ever indicating strain. He never rushed us to settle faster when new obstacles came up that had to be added to the suit. On top of everything, he worked to keep costs low whenever possible without sacrificing the quality of his work so that our take home amount would be as high as possible. He even battled the insurance companies to settle on a much lower reimbursement for what they had paid out on our behalf due to this case. That didn’t affect his compensation at all; he did it so that our damages would be better.
    Reed is more than a bit like a Basketball coach…even aside from his impressive stature. He understands malpractice at a level that you just can’t find anywhere else. Reed is a tough guy and a truly good man. He knows when to lay the harsh truth on you and when you need a pep talk. He believes that the purpose of malpractice law is to make medicine better and he fights to that end every single day. He believes in the truth and in having a good case; not just one he can win. We believed in him because he believed in us and, in the years we have worked with him, we have come to think of Reed and Judy both as family and trusted advisors. They are a truly dynamic team; Judy is warm and motherly and Reed is tough and no-nonsense but with a great sense of humor. One day, Judy even rode the elevator for an hour with my son while Reed prepped us for an upcoming deposition!
    In the end, I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Reed. Having him on our side was like having a grizzly bear at a dog fight. They could yap all they wanted but he was bigger and stronger and everyone knew it! There is just no feeling like that and no amount of compensation is enough for what he gave us. My family is able to resume our lives again and the future is bright. I cannot give an endorsement big enough for Reed. I will always count it as the smartest move I ever made when I picked up the phone that day and called his office. If I could change anything, I just would have done it sooner!!

  • Simply The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Margo

    When I met Reed I had just about given up hope in finding someone to help me. Reed gave me a voice and I will be forever grateful. From start to finish I had the utmost confidence in his abilities. He along with his staff worked extremely hard on my case to produce a very favorable outcome. He was very accessible and kept me well informed on the progressof my case. I found him to be caring and compassionate as he helped me through the all difficult things that go along with a law suit. He is straight forward, smart, articulate, and a man of character. Through out the process I found him to be well respected by his peers. Reed was a bulldog and fought hard for me . I would highly recommend Reed Schifferman should you need the help of an attorney.

  • A bright light in a very bad event

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Reed was the only good thing that I or my brothers and sisters took out of our mothers death. He was very compassionate and careing of our moms death. He never left us in the dark, was always in touch with the family, worked endlees hours for us and was always up front with us. When you go to and att. it is usually with a urgent problem. He was very responsable in his behavior and professional approch to the family and his colleagues. You couldn't ask for, or find a better att. or humanitarian to repesent you. I highly recommend this man, and would trust him with my welfare.

  • Outstanding attorney for our family

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sheila

    Reed Schifferman represented our family in a malpractive suit on our mother's
    behalf. I was so very impressed with all that he did for our case and the way
    he treated us. He worked so hard for us and I believe that he truly cared as much
    as we did for the suffering our mom dealt with. I think he is a wonderful person as
    well as a great lawyer.

  • Compassionate and hard-working.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    It is tragic when life's events put one in need of retaining a malpractice attorney, but when it is necessary, a better one than Reed Schifferman would be difficult to come by. In the two years I worked with Reed and his staff I was immediately and continually impressed with their professionalism and sensitivity to my family's unbearable loss. Reed was tireless in his dedication to our case. He was unbelievably thorough in his investigation, and left no aspect of our case to chance. I received regular updates on all of the work being done on the case, and I was confident that I was completely informed 100% of the time. I especially appreciated Reed's honest and straight-forward nature. Reed's experience on the defense side as well as the plaintiff side of malpractice suits gives him valuable perspective. He always made sure I understood the big picture, and that I was clear on what the realities of the case were. I would have preferred to have met Reed under different circumstances; however, I will be forever grateful that I did meet him, and for what he accomplished for my family.

  • Excellent,competent,professional and compassionate.Terrific attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary

    My association with Reed was approx. 3 years.He handled a medical malpractice suit for my siblings and myself.Reed was very good in every aspect of our lawsuit.He always kept in close contact with me and would promply return my phone calls and always kept me up to date on all that was going on.He spent many many hours over the three years that he worked on our suit.He is honest,reliable,compassionate and took a genuine interest in our mother's cituation.Reed's background and knowledge in our type of lawsuit was first class.My family feels that he covered every avenue for us and in the end came up with a very positive conclusion.My experience with Reed left me with a trust in him that makes me feel that I could trust him with all of my affairs if me or my wife were unable to take care of ourselves.He is an all around excellent lawyer as well as an excellent person.

  • Well connected but incompetent solo practicioner

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Medical Malpractice client

    Mr. Schifferman may be good if your case is a slsm dunk or requires a bully at the helm. However, in our case he failed to keep us informed throughout the case and in the end his game plan backfired. When I tried to discuss problems with our case he told me to be quiet or things would not go well between us. He never shared strategy, documents or guidance on a timely basis. We had to go to the Bar Association that were rightfully ours in the first place. He would send us emails consistently that ignored the questions we asked, failed to research holes in the defense's case and then blew us off. Sometimes we would receive impulsive emails from him in the middle of the night that were of no significance to the case snd he also enjoyed scaring us rather than tryijng to reassure or inform us. We were so relieved when we parted ways with him. My wife and I were close to nervous breakdowns from working with Reed.

    Reed Philip Schifferman’s response: “Please note that Avvo does not do any form of verification of the accuracy of matters alleged in client reviews. Thus, the fact that this review remains posted is not indicative of its truth. Josh King General Counsel Avvo, Inc.”