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  1. Jan 2010 accident. Safeco took 100% responsibilty. Totaled car for under book value. Took them to small claims. Won. Safeco rep

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

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    You are aware of the Landry case which prohibits splitting the cause of action. A plaintiff can bring only one lawsuit for all claims involving a specific incident/accident. If you were not represented by an attorney at the time you brought the small claims lawsuit, there is a slight chance you may be able to convince a judge to nullify the judgment in your favor if you return the money to Safeco. This would allow you to bring an action in Superior Court for both your injuries and the...

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  2. Restitution not settled?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    Restitution is ordered by the court to cover actual expenses incurred, such as medical bills and funeral expenses. You believe that your own auto insurance paid the $30,000.00 in court ordered restitution. I recommend you contact your insurance company to confirm this and under which part of your policy the monies were paid and obtain documentation. You should also contact the "financial litigation unit" and find out who they represent, are they recovering for the court ordered restitution,...

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  3. If i was involved in a hit and run that both parties left the scene and no police were involved at the time but....

    Answered about 4 years ago.

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    Your question brings up the difference between civil and criminal law. There doesn't have to have been a police investigation of the accident or a ticket issued for the driver to be responsible for the damages caused by the collision under civil law. It is unlikely a warrant will be issued for not going to court, instead the judge is likely to enter a default judgment against the driver, finding him liable (responsible) for the damages the insurance company says were caused. If you have auto...