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Alisa R Brodkowitz

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  • WA state personal injury/tort law, seeking damages from bar where injuries were sustained

    i was in a bar and a fight broke out and someone fighting fell into my and i had to get stiches. the bartender told me to go to the hospital. who is responsible to pay that bill. the bouncer threw out the men fighting so i dont know who they were....

    Alisa’s Answer

    I think you may have a valid claim against the bar for, at the very least, payment of your medical expenses. As a patron of the bar you are a "business invitee." This means that the bar owes you a high duty of care. If there was anything that they could have done to prevent you from being injured (i.e. not overserve the customer, anticipate the fight and ask the people to leave, or anything else) and they failed to take steps to protect you, they will be responsible for your damages. A scar on a face, i.e. disfigurement, is very damaging. You should speak to a personal injury attorney.

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