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  • Do I need to pay PIP for auto accident injury?

    I had an auto accident and it was other driver's fault. i have $my own PIP insurance about $10,000 i want to know if i use my PIP insurance then do i need to pay back when i get a settlement from fault insurance company? or i don't have to pay ...

    Travis’s Answer

    Usually, yes.

    It is called subrogation.

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  • Looking for someone to represent me for 2 failed hip replacements. Last one caused a massive staff infection

    I`ve had 4 hip replacements and 2 of them failrd. The ball poped out of the socket. First one poped out amd went behind the cup. The second one ,the ball went on top of the socket which caused a massive staff infection and I spent 8 months in the ...

    Travis’s Answer

    You should contact an attorney privately, and not post additional details online.

    I would be interested to know when you had the surgeries, where you had them, and whether you have since switched to a different medical provider--and if so, what that doctor has to say.

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  • Can a business be sued for multiple employees negligent actions and also file against an employee?

    Negligent medical care by three physicians (ignored broken neck & torn artery linings; leading to 4.5 years silent-stroke, dementia, thalmic-central pain syndrome (brain damaging neuropathy), choreoathetosis, restless-leg syndrome, more than likel...

    Travis’s Answer

    You ask whether you can make a valid claim against a business (a hospital or clinic, I assume) and also against a doctor or doctors. Both, or neither, depending on the facts and circumstances.

    You are alleging a failure to diagnose, with serious consequences. Note that bad results do not make liability. You will need experts prepared to convincingly testify that one or more health care professionals could have and should have caught this in time to do something about it, and had they done so this would have prevented the bad outcomes.

    The treating health care providers will have their own experts saying just the opposite.

    These cases are complicated and expensive.

    You need to consult with an attorney offline ASAP.

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  • No lincese

    My husband had no license or insurance and an emergency arouse and my sick child needed picked up. He grabbed the kids and was 3 blocks from the school when a lady did an illegal u turn and totalled the front of my suv. Husbands back is hurting so...

    Travis’s Answer

    If fault is indeed clear, the issue is really whether the other driver had insurance, not whether your husband had insurance.

    Your husband may face penalties for driving without a license, but that does not make him negligent in his driving, nor did it cause his injuries.

    You certainty should not settle for only property damage if people were injured.

    You should have an attorney review the case immediately.

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  • Car Accident...

    I was involved in a car accident about 2 and half weeks ago. It person was cited NOI failure to yield and without having his DL with him. I've contacted the insurance, been assigned a claim adjuster but it's been more than a week since I've hear...

    Travis’s Answer

    Contact a lawyer today. Most work on personal injury matters on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay them until the case settles.

    Do not give a statement or sign any documents for the other driver's insurance company until you speak to an attorney.

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  • I was t-boned and the insurance found ME liable. Need statutes or case law to refernence

    We went through a 4 way intersection that had no traffic light, stop sign, yield sign, traffic circle, etc. It had absolutely no type of traffic control device and after we had passed through the intersection and we're exiting it we were struck in...

    Travis’s Answer

    The statute in question requires the vehicle to the left to yield if the two vehicles enter the intersection at about the same time. It sounds like you had almost cleared the intersection.

    Were you injured? If so, get a free consultation with an attorney.

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  • WA state personal injury lawsuit - What if recovery is less than the costs advanced by an attorney ?

    In WA state - in personal injury lawsuit what if recovery is less than the costs advanced by an attorney? Or there is no recovery at all? Attorney has still right to demand it back ? can he sue the plaintiff client for that? or can he sell the ...

    Travis’s Answer

    I agree you need to refer to the fee agreement, but you should also be aware that under ethics rules the costs MUST be the client's ultimate responsibility. The lawyer must write the fee agreement contract that way.

    A "lawyer a lawyer may advance or guarantee the expenses of litigation, including court
    costs, expenses of investigation, expenses of medical examination, and costs of
    obtaining and presenting evidence, provided the client remains ultimately liable
    for such expenses." RPC 1.8(e)(1).


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  • I was assulted by two Albertson night stockers and have serious injuries

    On December 3 2012 at 3 AM, I entered an Albertson store for food shopping. As I was going through all isles and filling up my cart, I needed to take my medication. I needed some fluids and needed to take it with food. Therefore I openned a bag of...

    Travis’s Answer

    Do not post more details online. Talk directly with an attorney instead.

    Some things I would want to know include: What was the disposition of the criminal case? Whether you have any prior criminal history. What were your injuries? Are there any permanent injuries? What was the medication you needed to take, or what happens if you do not take it?

    Again, I would not post any further information. Contact an attorney instead.

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  • Trying to find a probono attorney for by boyfriend who was assaulted

    My boyfriend was assaulted and had very bad damage done to his eye, that required surgery. He has permanent damage to it. He had no is insurance so state victims program paid his medical. They are going to stop paying soon and he will still need s...

    Travis’s Answer

    An personal injury claim from an assault can be tough because the person who assaulted your boyfriend may not have assets to go after, and if there is insurance they may deny coverage as most insurance does not cover intentional acts.

    Do you know who did this? Is that person being prosecuted? Were they an employee of a business where he was a customer at the time? I have settled claims against a business when their bouncer assaulted my client, for instance.

    Do not answer the questions online, or post any details. Contact a personal injury attorney.

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  • I was injured in a hit and run but the driver was never identified. What do I do?

    I was the 1st car hit from behind in a 3 car pile up while stopped in traffic on the freeway.The driver fled & never identified. My insurance policy covered pip and uninsured/under ensured motorist prot. I received 500$ for my car and shortly afte...

    Travis’s Answer

    You have been through a lot, but there is hope for at least some compensation.

    You may be protected by a statute that requires UIM coverage to cover your bodily injury claim if caused by a hit-and-run driver.

    See RCW 48.22.030 at

    You should consult with a personal injury attorney as of yesterday. Seriously.

    Best regards.

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