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  • Dui and being deported please help

    Asked by a user in Seattle, WA - over 5 years ago.

    Crimes, whether state or federal, can have an impact on someone's immigration status in many ways including inadmissibility, deportability, or lack of good moral character. Whether or not your...

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  • Immigration - Famliy reunion

    Asked by a user in Seattle, WA - over 5 years ago.

    This depends on many factors. Generally, a United States citizen parent may file a a petition for their adopted child to become a lawful permanent resident if the child was adopted while they were...

  • Legal or illegal ??

    Asked by a user in Kennewick, WA - over 5 years ago.

    The law does allow an individual to apply for lawful permanent residency within the US if they entered on a visitor visa and later married a US citizen. There are many factors that determine whether...

  • I got divorce and i only 2 years greencard.can i get aprroved on my greencard for 10 yrs?

    Asked by a user in Tacoma, WA - over 5 years ago.

    An individual must ask for removal of the conditions of their residency jointly with the spouse who petitioned them if they are still married (unless there has been abuse) OR they can ask for removal...

  • How do i know if the crime subjects me to deportion?

    Asked by a user in Ellensburg, WA - over 5 years ago.

    Certain crimes can make an individual inadmissible or deportable from the United States. Judges in criminal courtrooms often do not know the impact a conviction may have on the immigration status of...