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  • I have a Class D Felony here in the State of Washington, would I be able to visit my sister in Canada?

    I received a Class D felony (domestic violence) in the State of Washington, it was my first offense, I know im barred from a lot of things, but am I allowed to apply for a passport so I can visit my sister in Canada

    Kris’s Answer

    There is no such thing as a Class D felony in Washington State. I suspect you were convicted of Assault 4 DV, which is a gross misdemeanor, but I do not know for sure.
    A conviction for any assault can make you inadmissible for entry into Canada. That presumption lasts until 10 years after your sentence is complete. Completion of a sentence usually happens when the court closes your case.
    You could get a certificate of rehabilitation 5 years after your assault sentence is complete, that process can be complicated.
    You can apply for a passport, a passport is just a means of identification.
    Canada does not require a VISA for US citizens to enter Canada.
    Internet has lots of information, you should research, then contact a US attorney who specializes in Canadian entry and arrange a consultation.

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  • First offense shop lifting advice

    First offense shop lifting. 19 yr old honor student with clean record shop lifted from retail store. Loss Prevention team of two apprehended this individual took her to a store office searched her bags found stolen merchandise. Security had her si...

    Kris’s Answer

    You should hire a criminal defense lawyer now. Your 19 y/o is likely to be charged with the crime of theft.

    The lawyer will be able to answer many of these questions and prepare you to most effectively deal with the case. For example, the lawyer may be able to exchange paying the civil demand for an eventual dismissal of the theft charge if it is filed in court. (206) 617-9173

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  • I am a teenager what happens if i turn myself in on two warrants

    i had a court date and left home before that day now i have a warrant for my arrest what will happen if i turn myself in?

    Kris’s Answer

    The warrants should be set for a certain dollar amount. If you have a bail bondsman post the bail, then the court will send you a hearing date in the mail. Many warrants are bondable, so this is a good way to get into court without getting arrested.

    You need to have a good attorney in court with you after you post bail. Call Jensen Legal to arrange all of this, we are experienced. (206) 617-9173

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  • I have been issued a bench warrant how do I handle this shall I go in to the court clerk and arrange a court date

    I was out of town and checked my mail and found it in my male 1 week old

    Kris’s Answer

    First, hire an attorney to represent you.

    The least risky way to handle a warrant is to contact a bail bondsman and have them post bail for you. This will cost you 10% of the warrant amount. After bail is posted the court will send you a new hearing date. Go to court with your attorney. (206) 617-9173

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  • I was convicted VUCSA a class C felony in 1987, I want to get it off my record.

    Was convicted of DUI gross misdemeanor in 1988 And susp lic gross misdemeanor in 1990. I have been clean and sober since. Yakima county all charges.

    Kris’s Answer

    Regarding vacating of your VUCSA conviction: Your answer depends upon when you were Discharged from that felony and when you were convicted of the DUI and DWLS. If you were Discharged and were subsequently convicted of a crime, you will not be able to vacate the felony VUCSA. If you were convicted of the DUI and DWLS before Discharge of the VUCSA, then you should be able to vacate the felony. Looking at your Yakima VUCSA court records and DUI/DWLS records will be necessary to find the answer.

    The final analysis takes experience with handling these cases, you should hire a lawyer to see if you can vacate the VUSA. We handle these cases. (206) 617-9173

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  • Would petitioner get arrested if both parties had relations even if there is order of protection

    In Washington state, can petitioner get arrested or in any trouble if petitioner and respondent still had relations and saw each other often

    Kris’s Answer

    Some protection orders are two-way: That neither party is allowed to contact the other. Most often, however the order just orders the Respondent to not contact the Petitioner. So in most cases the legal answer is that no the Petitioner cannot get arrested for contacting the Respondent. **These situations are always very difficult to prove.

    Also keep in mind, the police would be reluctant to arrest a Petitioner unless the actual order is clear that it's a two-way no contact order. (206) 617-9173

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  • I am being charged with ten felonies and have 2points. will they take me into custody at my arraignment?

    my charges include identity theft in the second x2, psp second x2, trafficking stolen property first, criminal trespass 2nd, theft 3rd, possessing motor vehicle theft tools, psp 3rd. I have 2 points. I also have a couple FTA's on my record.

    Kris’s Answer

    You are at risk of being taken into custody at arraignment. An attorney can usually find out if prosecutors will request bail during your arraignment. You need to retain an attorney right away to assist you with this case. Waiting or handling it yourself is going to be ineffective. If you cannot afford an attorney you need to contact the Office of Public Defense and get an attorney appointed to represent you at the arraignment hearing. (206) 617-9173

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  • UW police officer called me today and said that I pawned a stolen power-tool. He wants to meet with me to ask questions.

    I am on video pawning a hammer drill which was apparently stolen. I was asked by a childhood friend who does not have a valid ID and has a child on the way to loan the item so he could get a hotel for the night as he has been living in his car. He...

    Kris’s Answer

    You are in a tough spot and speaking to police will not help you. Police will tell you they are going to charge you with trafficking in stolen property (felony) unless you give up all information about your friend. You know there's no good solution there because to speak or not speak is being between a rock and a hard place. Both = ouch.

    On the other hand, if you don't speak to police then they won't have any of your statements and they'll only have evidence that you pawned a hammer drill that turned out to be stolen.

    Do no contact police unless you hire a lawyer to give you good, continuous advice on how to handle this case. We handle these cases all the time. (206) 617-9173

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  • If two people arrested at the same time for the same incident...why are they charged differently?

    Two suspects are arrested outside a building appx. 200yds from where they allegedly trespassed onto private property.(commercial) one suspect ws charged with gross misd. Of crim tresp. And the second was charged with burg. No weapons, nothing sto...

    Kris’s Answer

    The two suspects can be charged with different crimes in different courts. Prosecutors have the legal ability to file that way, it's a little unusual but it does happen. For instance, if they only have enough evidence to convict the one person for illegally being on the property , but they have enough to convict the other for illegally being inside a building with intent to take things, then they file a felony on that second person.

    A misdemeanor case can be compromised if there are no facts supporting a felony charge on that person. The first suspect who filed the motion for compromise will need to persuade a judge that he could not have been charged with a felony.

    Attorneys who handle codefendant cases are best served by two attorneys who communicate together. They should know and like each other's work product. Hire accordingly... (206) 617-9173

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  • I have a theft in the 4th degree pending, still going to court and I got arrested a month later for the same offense..

    I had a good chance of getting it off my record, pay a fine and barges will be dropped. Since I got a 2nd offense same theft charge will I be charged with both? Jail time? How long till the court is notified about this charge do I have a chance f ...

    Kris’s Answer

    Your cases need to be handled by one attorney who is experienced with these types of cases in these courts. There is a fair chance of getting a Compromise of Misdemeanor for one of your charges and then handling the other charge so it does not appear as a conviction on your record. The outcome will depend on where exactly the thefts happened and whether one of them can be compromised.

    Jensen Legal handles cases in Bellevue, WA.
    Hire an experienced attorney - do not delay. (206) 617-9173

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