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James Egan

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  • What you should know BEFORE being stopped for DUI

    By James C. Egan, Professional DUI Defense Attorney Published in Seattle Weekly and Stranger Magazines 2010 The Law Offices of James C. Egan o Licensed since 1998 1 in 4 adults is arrested for DUI at some point. 5 minutes of reading could save you 5 years of probation. Driving...

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  • Determining Officer Credibility in a DUI arrest

    Obtain Records Many officers will cut corners by doing a "cut and paste" job on each case. A classic example is where one officer described my client as "stumbling" from his car upon exiting. This

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  • How to Understand the Consequences of a DUI Arrest

    Civil Licensing Side When the officer punches a hold in your driver's license, this is a good indication that the Department of Licensing will be asked to begin suspension proceedings. Within *30 da

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