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  1. Back in sept 2012 i was walking out of walmart and tripped over a rug i ended up face down dr. said i strained my neck and hurt

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    As to whether you have a case for negligence against Wal-Mart will depend on whether Wal-Mart was negligent in placing the rug on the floor and whether it was foreseeable that a person would fall due to the placement of the rug. I believe you have a valid case, but you should use a local Spokane personal injury attorney since there are no broken bones or severe injuries involved.

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  2. I slipped in gas station bathroom first 2 steps in. The wet sign was inside the bathroom. It was wet right at the door

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    I believe you might have a valid case. You will need to hire an attorney and a slip and fall expert. The attorney will generally work on a contingency basis where no attorney fees are charged unless they recover money on your injury claim.